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Mc Donalds

10 Amazing Facts About McDonald’s History and Present

McDonald is the largest “fast food” chain in the world serving countless number of people. The chain has 35,000 outlets across the world. The company has managed to dominate the economy in ways which you haven’t come across. Here are the 12 most amazing things about McDonald’s.

History of McDonald’s

In 1954, Ray Kroc, a seller of Prince Castle brand Multimixer milkshake machines, learned that the McDonald brothers were using eight of his machines in their San Bernardino restaurant. … Kroc’s first McDonald’s restaurant opened on April 15, 1955, at 400 North Lee Street in Des Plaines, Illinois, near Chicago.

1.    Across the world in every 14.5 hours, McDonald’s opens


2. The chain gives around 1.5 billion toys every year which makes them largest toy distributor                        


3.McDonald’s restaurants are present in 119 countries. Among them, 40% are in the America.


4. Every day 1% world’s population eat McDonald’s item.


5. The outlet is owned by the Queen of England. At one point of time, every American worker was working in the McDonald’s.


6.At one point of time, every American worker was working in the McDonald’s.


7.In India, an average person has to work for 6hours to eat a Big Mac.


8. 75 hamburgers are selling in every second


9. The chain earns most of its profit from collecting rent. It makes them world’s largest owner of the retail property.


10. More playgrounds are operated by the company rather than any other entity.

A pocket-friendly outlet which serves the hygienic food with great quality.  A variety of combo meals is offered by the chain. There is no place except the space where the chain is not present.  In future, we may also see McDonald’s outlet in the universe.  Eat the delicious burger and make the post viral across the world.

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