10 Reasons Why Girls Always Gain Weight After Marriage


Weight gain problem is the biggest problem among women and this problem becomes a headache after marriage. You definitely have heard, people talking about sudden increase in their weight after their marriage. According to a study published in a daily journal ‘The Obesity’, 82% couples gains weight up to 5-10 kgs after 5 years of their marriage and this increase of weight is mostly seen among women.

All say we gain weight post marriage , know the real reasons why people gain weight post marriage

Some people say, this weight increases due to hormonal changes occur when you come under a new relationship. But this is not the only reason behind weight gain of women after marriage. So, on this note let’s check out the major reasons which contribute in the weight gain of women after marriage.

1. Hormonal changes

Lifestyle of ladies changes after marriage and this leads to the hormonal changes among women. So, this becomes the foremost reason of weight gain among women.

2. Carelessness

Before marriage, girls give more attention to their looks and weight and do exercise regularly. But after marriage they get busy in their life and because of this it becomes tough for them to take care of themselves.

3. Lack of sleep

After marriage, time and pattern of sleeping of girls change after marriage. Many of the time they don’t get proper sleep and lack of sleeping is the biggest reason of weight gain among girls.

4. Change in preference

After marriage, girls changes their preference, girls make their routine according to their husband and other family members. And because of this, they can’t get time for themselves and this lead to their weight gain.

5. Outside food

Newlywed couples mostly go out for dinners and launch and consume food of high calories and this increases fat near stomach area in women.

6. Age

Now-a-days, most of the people get married at the age between 28-30 years. According to study, after the age of 30, metabolic rate of our body decreases which leads to weight gain of our body.

7. Stress

Marriage is the toughest job for women as they have to get adjusted at some other place. Many of the time, girls find difficulty in adjusting in the new house.

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Due to which they start taking stress and starts eating more because of stress and this results in increase of their weight.

8. Social Pressure

Before marriage, our closer one keeps telling us to look beautiful. But after marriage this pressure is become negligible so women start avoiding their fitness.