2 concepts of psychology which you can use everyday!

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Psychology is quite an interesting field. It deals with the study of human nature and the impact of various factors on our emotional, behavioural and mental level. While I do believe that this is still an underrated subject, it is hard to deny that people do get fascinated by its application. Keeping aside the myth that psychologists can read your mind at any given moment, there are a few concepts of psychology which you can apply to your daily lives:




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The concept of introspection was first adopted in psychology by Wilhelm Wundt who is known as the father of modern psychology. Introspection refers to becoming aware of one’s own thoughts and feelings. This practice is widely encouraged by therapists today. You may have often felt like you are confused but cannot understand why. This is where introspection comes in. it requires you to focus on your thoughts and feelings to locate the source. It helps one to understand their position better. In modern therapy, psychologists and counselors encourage their clients to come up with their own reasons to help them deal with the situation better.

Whenever you feel confused or uncomfortable, try to think of what could be causing it. Try to identify the stimulus. This practise will help you become more proactive over time.