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2 Simple Pimple Treatments for Oily Skin

The most annoying thing in the world is Pimples I think for most of the women with oily skin. You can however remove and get rid of pimples easily now because of many treatments that have come up.

Here are two simple tips to treat pimples and get rid of it easily:

Honey Mix and lemon juice:

  • Honey Mix and lemon juice: As you might be aware that lemon is the best medicine and also best home remedy for oily skin as lemon juice does contain citric acid that neutralizes and then control the oil secretion initially. Lemon juice has that capacity to reduce pimples because the citric acid that is present work really well and also can kill all those harmful acne that do cause because of the bacteria and it will also help in reducing scars.
  • Whereas, honey is also essential as it contains antibacterial properties in it and these properties restore all the moisture and balance the skin equally well. Honey not only helps in pimple reduction but also gives a naturally glowing skin.

How to prepare:

  • Squeeze 1tsp of fresh lemon juice and then add some amount of honey in a bowl, mix them well until it is formed into a thick liquid paste and further you can make a pack.
  • Apply that paste all over your face and neck once you clean your face
  • Make sure you use a cotton ball before applying this mixture all over your face
  • Around 15-20minutes you should leave this face pack and after 15-20mins rinse it off with lukewarm water.

After doing this you will notice an immediate reduction of pimples and there will be a glow on your face initially. This treatment not only helps in glowing skin but also helps in fading away of the pimple marks too. This treatment is considered to be the most simple and effective for oily skin. If you continue doing this pimple treatment you can see changes in the reduction of pimples initially and you can repeat this twice in a week.

Curd and besan Face Pack:

  • Curd and besan Face Pack: Basin or gram flour mostly available in Indian kitchens as well as curd too. Basin and curd are something essential as they are even food items so, you need not worry and buy it online just like you buy it for other beauty products. As you know, besan is good because it includes a high amount of proteins and vitamins and curd also includes vitamin A & C. If you moisturize the curd properly it will initially supple your skin properly whereas besan takes out that greasiness formed on your skin easily. However, this is considered other most effective treatments for the oily skin.

How to prepare:

  • Add 2tsp of besan and 1tsp of curd in a bowl and mix it well and keep on mixing it well unless it becomes a complete thick paste.
  • When the thick paste is formed add two drops of lemon and also a pinch of turmeric powder
  • Mix this paste well and then gently apply it on your face and neck and make sure it is cleaned before applying because this face pack might take time to dry.
  • After 20-30 minutes, rinse it off with a lukewarm water

After this face, pack rub it gently and remove this face pack from your neck and face because if you rub the dead cells that are present on your skin will be removed and after that splash a bit of cold water so that you can remove rest of the face pack.

Turmeric and honey are two most important ingredients as they not help in revitalizing the skin but also helps calm the skin. Turmeric is indeed good for the skin because it removes the discoloration of the skin.

As you might now be aware of these two face packs that initially remove your pimples it’s important for you to now follow these steps in order to get rid of this simple pimples so that you can look beautiful because everyone wants to look beautiful at the end of the day.

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