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  • Sedona – Grand Canyon red beauty



    Sedona – the red beauty

    The excitement was palpable. After all, we were driving to see the Grand Canyon. After driving for about two hours, massive red-rock formations began to loom large and mighty before my eager eyes. I asked my cousin Chander if we had arrived. He smiled the smile of one having a rabbit in his hat and […] More

  • transgender
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    The “other” gender – chhakka, hijra

    Described by many words, “chhakka, hijra” etc. Usually we use these words to mock a man’s manhood! I mean come on, don’t you think we need to grow up to rethink that they are not a slang to throw on your friends and foes. They are not words to judge manhood (Chhakka,hijra). They are a […] More

  • girl-story
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    Short Suspense Thriller

    There was a young girl named Priya. She was playing in her bedroom when she heard her mom’s voice, calling her from the Kitchen. She immediately raced downstairs. “Priya come here. I have something that I want to ask you,” her mother said. “What is it?” Asked Priya. “Do you know who are the caked […] More

  • Gandhism

    Gandhism ———— obsolete or just naive ??

    “Mr Singhal was trying to sabotage our plan, but I persuaded him.  Anything can be done with the help of Gandhiji in this goddamn nation. He really is the father of the nation” Mr shah said on the phone What is Gandhism? His ten year old son,Anuj  was keenly listening to his conversations. He went to […] More

  • abused-girl-taped

    Horror Short Story

    A little girl named seema who lived in Bombay Maharashtra was brutally murdered back in the 1990′s. Her father was a fisherman and was away a lot of the time. Seema never had a good relationship with her mother, but when he father left things got much worse and her mother became very abusive. Seema […] More

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    Some are blessed with this quality, some acquires through practice and training, and some remain untouched. Having a successful professional career is something all of us stride forward for, regardless some goes extra miles forward and get on the top and some remain behind at the bottom. Today! Competition, Technology, and Innovation is pushing enterprises […] More

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