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    Who doesn’t want to have a dreamy room which looks exactly like the ones on Instagram and pinterest? Everyone! But buying decorative stuff can burn quite a hole in your pocket. Luckily there is plenty of stuff you can create from inexpensive materials and make them look like a million dollars! Here are a few […] More

  • english

    Tips to improve your spoken English

    We all know that English is a widely spoken language even in India. Having a good command over this language is important as well as desired by many. But before we jump into the tips for improving spoken English, I would like to state that in no way is this article trying to tell you […] More

  • Songs
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    All the Songs Make Sense

    Music makes sense Richard Castle once asked Kate Beckett, “How do you know you’re in love?” Beckett simply looked at him and the instant reply that fell out of her mouth was, “All the songs make sense”. I never quite understood what she meant by that one sentence, but once I started reading into it, […] More

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    How To Have Perfectly Blow Dried Hair!

    Let’s admit it, most parlours in our neighbourhood do not know how to style our hair. We get a haircut, and once it’s time to get our hair dried, the stylists (at least that’s what they call themselves) just point the blow-dryer at the head and start blasting hot hair thinking that it’s the correct way to […] More

  • harry potter
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    The Boy Who Lived… Turns 20!

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone It’s been 20 years since the first book of the Harry Potter series was released. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone or rather Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (renamed for the US market) was first released by J.K. Rowling in 1997. A series that changed the lives of […] More

  • gorgeous hair
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    Gorgeous hair is the best revenge

    In today’s world, people are more conscious about their looks and beauty than anything else. Especially women, they are much aware and just want to look perfect and gorgeous. People usually go for chemical hair treatments rather than preferring natural treatments. Other than artificial hair treatment that is a never ending process. There are certain […] More

  • break

    Break the chains!

    Are we really free? We Indians got our Independence in the year 1947, but are we really free? Let’s think again. We might look free from the outside but the little bird inside us, the bird which represents our thoughts, our dreams, our ambitions is tied up tightly in chains. Oh and we’re the ones […] More

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    5 Things You Must Know Before Colouring Virgin Hair

    Hair colouring can be quite an intimidating task for a beginner. The thought of changing the pigmentation of hair can leave one overwhelmed.  And as if those feelings aren’t enough, there are hilarious pictures of hair dyeing fails that you instantly cause you to change your plans! But that doesn’t keep one from craving a […] More

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