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  • wanderer
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    Wanderer – the way of life

    WANDERER Yes, I’m a wanderer. I take my thoughts and roam about in the blank room of my mind. I’m a person of my dreams and that’s what defines me. I’m an independent girl who thinks twice before heading anywhere in any situation. Yes, I’m a wanderer. I take pride in collecting my ideas to […] More

  • paid news

    Paid news – A entice to let you fall for it

    Almost every recent election in India has featured allegations of paid news, and also the latest round of assembly polls was no exception. Paid news, which refers to the practice of publishing and circulating paid content as news content, is probably the foremost evident approach within which media houses distort the working of a democracy, […] More

  • makeup

    Prevent embarrassing makeup problems!

    Lipstick on teeth! Remember the last time you had the perfect makeup and used an extremely rich and creamy lipstick which glided like heaven on your lips? Well, there could be a major chance that the lipstick rubbed off on your teeth and when you were giving the most colourful smile to the people you […] More

  • phones
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    5 ways smartphones are making our lives better

    Today we live in a world where people have more access to mobile phones rather than anything else. People who didn’t know anything about technology now are aware of each and every new update. Why is that so? What are they doing? Are they really helping any one of us? And are they really making […] More

  • hacks

    Weird beauty hacks – put to test!

    USING INTIMATE WASH AS FACE WASH The reason why people claim this works is because the intimate wash is supposed to contain less chemicals and mild ingredients. Intimate wash gels are specifically meant for sensitive areas and do not cause any irritation. So it can be assumed that it would work for the face. On trying […] More

  • habit
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    Habits which make you more attractive!

    THE HABIT OF MAINTAINING EYE CONTACT When talking to someone, you must make them feel like they have all your attention. This makes the other person trust you and share details with you. In order to understand completely what the other person is sharing with you, maintaining eye contact is very important. It tells that […] More

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    Reading books is a pleasure that majority of the luxury of. Earlier, if you mentioned books, you’d get a typical judgement or assumption of a person sitting somewhere holding an actual hard copy of a book, turning pages and enjoying oneself. Fast forward into the 21st Century and the whole perception changes. In the minds […] More

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    Tips for hanging out with an introvert

    THEY ARE NOT FRAGILE People often make the mistake of thinking that introverts are very delicate by nature. They are too sensitive. However, this is a myth. It is not that introverts cannot be sensitive, but not all of them are. Hence, when talking to them or cracking jokes with them, don’t be too careful. […] More

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    5 Best Smartphones under Rs 25,000!

    Smartphones under Rs 25,000- Picking up a new phone isn’t an easy task. And especially if you do not want to sell your kidney buying a new phone can be a tedious task.  Let us help you a little by handpicking the ten best smartphones under Rs 25,000 for this month available in India.- 5 Best and trusted Smartphones under […] More

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    Be a smart Pro-Interviewee by asking these questions.

    Everyone gives interviews and secured a job. Giving interview with same lines is not a big deal for anyone. Perhaps, what makes more interesting is that in which style you reply to the questions of the interviewer. It’s obviously that you want be act smart. Next, comes what makes you smart before speaking in front […] More

  • shopping

    Tips for people who want to explore street shopping

    Street shopping is the most budget friendly thing that can happen to a girl. Here are 5 tips to get the most out of it and make the experience comfortable.   Carry your own water bottle Street shopping will get you tired. When indulging in it, you have to walk endlessly in order to find […] More

  • Counsellors
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    Misconceptions about counsellors

    COUNSELLORS DON’T KNOW A PERSON AND HENCE CANNOT GIVE PROPER ADVICE The thing to know here is that the job of the counsellors is to give you an unbiased and completely non-judgemental analysis. Not being an active part of a client’s life, enables the counsellors to give proper diagnosis. As a third person, it becomes […] More

  • documentaries
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    Mind blowing Indian documentaries that you must watch!

    Thank god for documentaries which helps to cut through the mundane commercial cinema. The very definition of a ‘documentary film’ today has undergone a sea-change, thanks to the extraordinary films with a message that appeals to the masses. The makers of today have used this medium to send social messages across. Here is a list of […] More

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