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  • romantic books
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    4 classic romantic books of all time!

    Whether you have just entered a relationship or recently broke up, here is a list of classic romantic books you must read. Here are four romantic books which will make you fall in love with love again! The Bride by Julie Garwood Plot- By edict of the king, the mighty Scottish laird Alec Kincaid must take […] More

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    Pretty Single Girls – Embrace a life of freedom

    On the planets of mingles, singles are treated as aliens. Being single doesn’t mean you are not happy in this world. Perhaps, it is more than that beyond the thinking of the people. Freedom and security are the prevalent things which single people enjoy. Moreover, they treat their career as the utmost priority and grow […] More

  • Stress reducing tips to live a healthy life!
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    Why Married Woman Should Not Use Their Husband’s Last Name?

    The wedding arrangements and honeymoon talks are over for couples. Coming back to their professional life, independent woman are confused to take or not to take their husband’s last name. Identity is the biggest source of our self-esteem. When identity is taken over and you are forced to take someone else identity is burden. Perhaps, […] More

  • tree oil


    Back when medicines were not so advanced and targeted, people made use of oils to treat certain disorders. Not only this, oils were also used for maintaining beauty. One such oil is tea tree oil which has numerous benefits. Here are some different ways in which you can use tea tree oil:   TEA TREE […] More

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    There are some ingredients which work as good as the hair masks available in the drugstores. Here are 3 natural hair masks you can easily prepare at home to heal dry and damaged hair. BANANA OLIVE OIL MASK Bananas are extremely hydrating for the hair. Olive oil plays major role is treating dry and damaged […] More

  • The packaging is very attractive and user friendly.


    Cream eye shadows are EVERYTHING!!!(Current state of mind!). After having experimented with powder eye shadows, I decided to give crème eye shadow a try. And while going through the Oriflame brochure, I came across this tiny little product with pretty attractive claims. Here is the detailed review! WHAT IS IT AND WHO IS IT FOR? […] More

  • Stress reducing tips to live a healthy life!
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    Stress reducing tips to live a healthy life!

    We’ve all learnt in schools that stress is a silent killer, which is absolutely true. Depression, suicides, most of the times it happens because of stress. Everyone deserves to live a stress-free, healthy life. Here are some tips which will help you to live a relaxing life.   Meditate “Research suggests that daily meditation may alter the brain’s […] More

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    Holiday getaways for your girl gang!

    The level of craziness that we do with our girl gang can never be matched up with what we do with the hottest of guys. The dirty gossips, the make-up sessions, the care-free look, the random checkout of the local guys, post break-up sessions is a dose that we need every once in a while. […] More

  • time management

    Time Management: Useful tips to work smarter, not harder!

    Whether you are a student or a businessman, time management plays an extremely important part in our lives. There are innumerable hacks and tricks to manage your time effectively. These are some tips that I find helpful, but everyone is different.   Do not procrastinate Almost every one falls a victim to procrastination. A strong urge […] More

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    5 Top Film Cities In India To Witness Glamour of Silver Screen

    Bollywood is an integral part of India, but in the past few years other regional film industries have also set their benchmark high. When it comes to movies, the selection of the location plays a very important role. Yes for high budget movies, sets are made but those movies need film cities too to shoot […] More

  • table manners
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    5 Table manners you need to follow

    We may go out for expensive dinners and meetings in fancy restaurants but when it comes to table manners, most people just don’t give a crap! I get it, sometimes the food is so gorgeous and tasty that it’s all that you can focus on! But, while you are focusing on your food, someone else […] More

  • Berlin Syndrome
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    Berlin Syndrome – Most anticipated film to hit India

    Berlin Syndrome Psychological thriller Berlin Syndrome, from acclaimed Australian writer-director Cate Shortland, starring Teresa Palmer and Max Riemelt, is set to hit the Indian theaters on July 28 and we can hardly wait!   Berlin Syndrome is the story of a young woman, who in her quest to reinvent herself as an artist, travels to […] More

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    5 Things You Should Always Keep Secret

    Secrets are not meant to be broken. In this world of friendships and togetherness secrets is the most basic form of friendships between two individuals or you can even say it is their main identity of being true to each other. Secrets are basically spaces that will completely enhance the quality of the friendship you […] More

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    Justice Mishra – The 45th Chief Justice of India

    Justice Mishra –  Next chief justice of India Justice Dipak Misra was on last Tuesday appointed as the next chief justice of India, succeeding incumbent J S Khehar at the helm of Indian Judiciary. The 63-year-old’s appointment was formally announced by the Law Ministry that evening. Misra, senior-most judge within the Supreme Court, will take […] More

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    Indira Canteen – When Vangibath tried to defend Maan Ki Baat

     ‘Indira Canteen’- a flagship program of Karnataka government Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on last Wednesday launched, ‘Indira Canteen’- a flagship program of Karnataka government which will offer food at subsidized rates. Indira canteens will serve lunch and dinner for Rs 10 and breakfast for Rs 5. The Siddaramaiah government had declared setting up of the Indira […] More

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    The idea of beauty has been commercialised to a very large extent. Companies are making a lot of money and are constantly coming up with products which address specific skin issues which you probably didn’t even know you had! But these have also resulted in propagating certain skincare myths. There are creams for wrinkles, for acne, for your […] More

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