3 Beauty hacks which do not work

beauty -3 Beauty hacks which do not work
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We go on YouTube and Pinterest and Instagram to look for quick fixes for our beauty issues. But! While the concept of hacking every possible thing is quite popular, you may be excited to try a few promising hacks related to beauty and makeup.

While most of them are good, there are some which just don’t work and are a complete waste of time:



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This hack was all over the internet. The hack is that you can color correct your dark circles using red lipstick. The idea behind this is that red color, cancels out the dark undertones of the under eye circles and when covered with foundation and concealer, the dark circles won’t be visible at all!

But this hack does not work because the lipstick formulations tend to be very creamy. This causes the lipstick to mix with the concealer. If you use the matte variety, then that lipstick will be too difficult to remove! Go for a color correcting palette instead!



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This one hack, can be a total disaster, especially for the ones with oily skin. Coconut oil does have moisturizing properties. But, it is also highly comedogenic in nature. This means that it can clog pores and therefore lead to acne as well as blackheads. It is not advised for anyone to use coconut oil as an overnight moisturizer. If you must, then use it in face masks and for removing makeup. But do not leave it on your face for too long!


But again, this hack is a waste because the layer of glue is too thin and weak to actually pull something out! Also, can you really trust the ingredients present in glue?