4 best rules for answering the weakness question


Appearing in interview with smart tactics is not a challenging task. Employers are not looking for qualifications or degrees. Perhaps, a candidate who can deal with any situation or workload. During interview employer tries judge the capability of the candidate. Furthermore, the question which comes strike first in their mind is “What are your weakness and strength”. Definitely, it’s not an easy question to answer. To overcome this fear of answering such a question, you can simply answer with these replies. Likewise, don’t get nervous and begin tremble in front of the employer. Make your weakness as strength and overcome failure. Be honest carefully and peep the question with these rules.

  1. Don’t give out direct answer

Be careful and don’t give direct answer like “My greatest weakness is that I am a workaholic and can work in any project”. Giving such answer might lead you in loosing up the interview. Perhaps, it is true but don’t give false answer to them. Give genuine answer that you are capable to do in reality.

  1. Honesty

Digging yourself in the pool of lies and facade, you will be in danger. Employers are easy to catch by inquiring and questioning. However, answer to all the questions with sincerity. Probably, you have suffered in your life. Write it on paper and give them. Consequently, an impression of honesty will be created.

  1. Avoid deal breakers

While applying for the job designation, make sure that you will answer truly. If you are applying for the HR and saying that you don’t like meeting people. Rather, making you smart you will be landing into mess and your honesty will be doubted. Probably, your weakness might run you in trouble.

  1. Talk about attempts taken to overcome your weakness.

You are honest enough but talking about your weakness can create a chance of conflict. Probably, you can overcome it by talking about how you overcome your weakness.