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4 Questions to help you decide if he deserves a second chance

Life is unpredictable sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s tough, sometimes you don’t know what to do or I say sometimes it’s confusing and sometimes it’s annoying and if by chance you’re in a relationship then it’s quite complicated for you to decide whether you should give him a second chance or not. This situation is probably the most difficult than the breakup itself. However, there are chances of a reunion between you and your partner even after those ugly flare-ups and breakups and at that moment it’s very difficult to decide whether to give a second chance or not and that one decision of yours can tear you apart or can build you. If you really want to find a proper and satisfying solution for it you should definitely sit alone and ask yourself all of these questions and definitely, you will initially find an answer to it and you’ll know what to do.


Are you ready to forgive him?

second chance
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Once you’ve had those feelings for a guy or the love for that guy, the next time if you guys meet again or if you see him, be it next day, week, month or a year you will feel the same as you used to feel it earlier. Therefore even if you patch up it’ll be lovely in the beginning but that bad incident happened to you will permanently haunt you. This is the reason why you should not have those feelings and ask yourself this question whether he is really deserving or not and you have to be practical while deciding it. If you are thinking of giving a second chance to him you should really think whether to start fresh or to continue that old thing.


Is your guy really worth it?

second chance
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The most important questions you should ask yourself. You might have gone through a lot of drama because of those flare-ups and breakups you’ve had with your partner and now you are trying to forget all that was happened earlier. Sometimes, when the something hurts you it becomes difficult for you to even forget it but still, you try. Do you think your guy is really worth it? Even for a while if you think he is worth it then one question to ask, why you left him first or why did you both part your ways? You might have come across the answers to these questions which were usually running in your mind or if you are even wondering to give him one-second chance or not. So, if you think that your partner is worth your time, emotions and understands you and your problems and most importantly trust only then try.


If all of this repeats, are you ready for it?

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Everyone does make mistake as no one here in this world is perfect. But repeating the same mistake, again and again, is indeed not tolerable and also don’t you think a person who cheated you already is capable of doing it again? If he doesn’t support you once then he is even capable of doing it again. Just imagine if all of this is repeated again? Would you even feel like giving him again a chance? You need not assume that it is going to happen again but for the sake or just an imagination if this repeats what will you do? It’s just purely to prevent you from these same situations over again. If it is going to be a one-time thing then it’s wonderful but what if all of this repeats, are you ready for it?

Do you still feel for him like you used to feel earlier?

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When your partner ditches you and then come over begging for a relationship and your attention it feels kind an amazing isn’t it? Is this the main reason why you want to give him that second chance? Are you thinking of it because you like that attention or something else? After all that mess it’s important to make yourself practical and think again that you really love him or not and you might not love him like you used to love him before. You now know his ugly side as well and things were not like it used to be before everything’s changed drastically. You might have feelings or that soft corner but you’ll be never able to love him like you did at first sight. Apart from all of this do you really love him? And is still love a predominant emotion for you? The question will make it easier for you to decide your answer too.


Sometimes, these questions for you might be really confusing and annoying as you don’t know what to do and when to do or how to do it even. However, this is the most helpful one can do as it will help you take the best decision and most importantly it will help you take the right decision. If all of this repeats again you cannot blame anyone for it instead you will be the probably one. If you really desire to avoid these situations it’s important for you to either be sure about it or be ready to face it.

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