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5 essential communication skill that can make you successful person

Essential communication skill  is the most important part of life. It plays a very crucial role in friendship, love, marriage, business and much more. You might be the person that has all the skills and could do any task in very less time. But, all those skills will be wasted when you will not be able to communicate your thoughts to other people. This is exactly where a good communication skill can save the day for you.

These communication skills are not taught in any classroom. It’s the one skill that one has to develop by himself.

5-communication skill that might help you in your life

1. Showing empathy

“People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.” This is a fantastic line said by Theodore Roosevelt. If we can relate to other person’s emotion, we could easy communicate with them.

When someone explains a problem to you, you should place yourself in his situation. This will help you to understand the problem better. You should ask more question about that to connect to that person. Give him some encouragement, offer your help, show kindness and compassion.

2. Resolving conflicts

Conflicts could destroy any relation. But, here is the fact. You cannot avoid conflict at all. The life has become so fast and messy that it is natural to have conflicts. But, what you can do is to resolve those conflict in the smarter way.

You should always respond to a situation not react. It is because when you will react then, you will allow your emotion to get better of you. But, when you respond to the certain thing, you focus on the problem, not the person that is suffering from that. It’s better to win over the person that to win the argument. It’s always said, sometimes you need to lose an argument to win a person.

3. Asking great question

If you want to be better in communication you should ask right questions. When you will ask the great question, then you will show the other person that you are eager to engage and explore more into the topic. This will lead to another person more opening up to you.

You should always ask the question that could lead to an interesting answer. You should ask the question that has one-word answer like yes and no.

4. Good listener

This is the one skill that a lot of person lacks. If you are a good listener then it would appear like that you are patient, calm and trusting.

If you listen to what the other person is saying then you will form a bond with him.

You should listen to other like he is the most important person in the world. It is important as every person wants to be heard and get importance. You should figure out the change in emotion, voice, speed. These things will give you more idea about how that person is actually feeling.

  1. Use body language

This one is really important. According to research, most of the communication is nonverbal. It’s not just what you say, it’s what you reflect is also important.

There are three basic points of showing interest to what other is saying eye contact, smile, handshake. You should smile and do the handshake with someone when you meet them. While communication, you should always look in another person’s eye. This will make you appear that you are taking the deep interest in what he is saying.

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