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effects of skipping breakfast to students

effects of skipping breakfast to students You might have heard from your ancestors, grandparents, and parents who say that breakfast is an essential meal of the day and it’s important to have breakfast before going anywhere.

But do you think everyone follows it? In order to lower down the net calories and working on our goal of being fit and slim, a more percentage of people have this tendency to skip breakfast.

Though one cannot agree the fact that it would help you on permanent basic no, these treatments are only temporary.

effects of skipping breakfast to students

Not good for your heart:

According to the studies shown in JAMA, it suggested that people who skip breakfast have 27% chances to sustain a heart attack compared to those who don’t skip breakfast. According to one of the researcher, Dr. Leah Cahill has even proved that there is no risk of heart attack that much so you need not be worried about it as well.

Apart from this, she has a proven fact that if you do not intake breakfast for a longer period of time then there are chances of heart attack. It has been proven that people who continuously skip breakfast have an augmented propensity to hypertension in return and this eventually leads to blockage of arteries. However, this also leads to increase in the risk of persistent cardiovascular diseases that mainly include stroke.

There are chances of type-2 diabetes

According to the Harvard University school which mainly focuses on public health, have shown that there is a great connection between eating habits and the health because about six years ago there were about 46,289 women who participated in it through the results turn out to be amazing. But according to the research, women who were seen to skipping breakfast on daily basis have this 54% risk of getting type-2 diabetes.

It might cause gain:

If you’re up to losing weight and you have the habit of skipping breakfast then it’s time for you to give it a second thought now. According to the researchers, people who have been skipping breakfast for quite a long time has major chances to gain weight, confused? Here how it happens. If you skip breakfast on regular basis it will end up craving for sugary and fatty acids.

As you haven’t eaten for quite a long time so your hunger wrenches would be quite strong and deep and at the end, you might be gorging down all that you have come across in the meanwhile. The more the quantity of the food intake is the higher will be your hunger levels as it goes simultaneously and sometimes it also exceeds your daily recommended calorie. If you continue skipping breakfast on daily basis you will end up gaining weight instead of losing it.

There will be a negative impact on your mood and energy:

According to the researchers, in 1999 a journal called physiological behavior suggested that if you skip breakfast you can have a negative impact on your mood and energy. To prove this fact the British research team did a project on 144 healthy people by dividing them into 3 groups.

One group had healthy food, second group was only served coffee and the third group was served nothing and all of these groups were then monitored for hours and the results were the group who weren’t served with breakfast has the poorest memory skills and also highest fatigue levels though there was no such difference between the other two. Therefore if you skip breakfast you can see your mood levels and energy levels will slow down initially and it would overall lead to negative impact on your body.

The risk of cancer:

If you skip breakfast on daily basis then you might find overindulgence in food during the day and in return, it leads to increased occurrence of obesity. According to the report conducted by cancer researcher UK, suggested that people who are generally overweight or obese have more chances of developing cancer.

Try different to loose weight

However, in order to lose weight, we try different experiments for our body which leads us to problems sometimes because we think whatever we’re doing is correct but in some way or the other it is wrong as well. The above-mentioned harmful effects are a proof that if you skip breakfast it will lead you to problems only. I think it is good enough to convince any person to not avoid breakfast in order to lose weight you can try different exercise or remedies but not this one.

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