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coffee with milk health benefits Must Read

coffee with milk health benefits So, caffeine is a drug. It can be found in tea, coffee and even green tea. Most natural beverages tend to have some amount of caffeine in them. This naturally occurring drug has mild analgesic properties.

coffee with milk health benefits

coffee with milk health benefitsThis means that it could help to ease muscle pain as well as cramps.

Cuts down the risk of developing cancer

Cancer is at present, the most dreaded disease. While awareness is the key to help fight cancer, it is important to do all that one can in order to prevent it. Cancer refers to the un natural growth of immature cells which are dividing rapidly and interfering with the body functions. Cells become cancerous when the DNA present in them gets damaged and leads to mutation. But the compounds present in coffee can help to protect such cellular damage and cut down the risk of liver cancer, colon cancer and even breast cancer.

Makes you happier

Some studies suggest that even smelling coffee can stimulate the brain in a positive way. By why stop there? A hot brewed cup of coffee can make your mood better almost instantly. This is because caffeine in the coffee leads to the production of certain neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine which make you feel happy and productive.

Makes you alert 

We all know that it does. The caffeine present in the coffee makes the brain alert and stimulates the release of adrenaline which instantly puts the body in the mode for action!

coffee with milk health benefits But that certainly does not mean that you should be having it all day long. Having too much coffee could get you wired but will also interfere with your sleeping pattern. So avoid having before going to bed.

Improves brain functioning

It can improve the brain functioning in several ways which include increased focus and cognitive thinking. It also has certain long-term benefits.

coffee with milk health benefits coffee can protect you from having memory disorders like Alzheimer’s and another neurodegenerative disorder like Parkinson’s disease.

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