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5 reasons why hiring manager haven’t called you

Given the interview over Skype and was just too excellent. Still wondering? Why you haven’t receive the call from the company. Probably, sometime it could be because of employment process. Generally it could be that your mistake. For instance that your interview doesn’t go well.  Hiring manager was expecting something from your interview. And you didn’t perform well. Waiting for the response of the hiring manager is stressful. On the contrary you can’t go for another interview. You have to bear the risk of selection.  Was it your mistake? That you didn’t answer the question out of the box. Put your thoughts in the bag. Read these reasons that might be the reason for not getting call from hiring manager.

  1. Your contact information was wrong

Sending your resume to the manger is bit thrilled.  However, you never do checkout your details in the resume. Might your personal information is given wrong.  Rather, then how will you get the call from the company?  Always fill the appropriate information in your resume.

  1. You didn’t follow up

Always don’t expect from the hiring manager that h/she will call you. Consequently, act smart and send an e-mail to your manager. Asking him the status of the recruitment process time. Moreover, you can appreciate for the kindness shown in the interview.

  1. On vacation

Hiring managers are too human beings. However, going to the complicate selection process, they get irritated. As a result don’t create chaos. Instead, check out which month is it of the year. Even more, relax and meet your friends.

  1. Hectic schedule

Employers are not taking only your interview only. Perhaps, they are busy in other affairs of the company as well. Furthermore, you just have to wait and do follow up with the company.

  1. They are on taking their time

Every company wants a perfect candidate for their companies. However. Employer will look and examine the applicants. Take a seat back and drink a coffee in the balcony.

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