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Why Married Woman Should Not Use Their Husband’s Last Name?

The wedding arrangements and honeymoon talks are over for couples. Coming back to their professional life, independent woman are confused to take or not to take their husband’s last name. Identity is the biggest source of our self-esteem. When identity is taken over and you are forced to take someone else identity is burden. Perhaps, growing up with surname and making your designation in the company with maiden name is an honourable thing. On the contrary, patriarchal society forces women to change their names after marriage. Does marrying mean that you have to change your life? Perhaps, the answer is no. Likewise, in modern world women are not changing their name and cares for none. Nor husbands are having any problem with the maiden name of their wife. Before taking husband’s last name, do keep these points in mind.


  1. Will end the generation

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Your father will always be king for you. Perhaps, no prince can take you away from your king. Their struggles and everything they have done for you can’t with the husband’s name. Probably, you will not end your father’s lineage over the name of your husband.


  1. Learning a new signature

last name

Be honest that you can’t learn a new signature over a time. Likewise, signature is your identity and represents who you are.


  1. Legal formalities

last name

Getting a work done from government office is a nightmare. Changing your maiden name in passport is time consuming. Even more, you can’t afford to take more offs from office after marriage.


  1. Identity notion

last name

You are married to your beloved partner. On the contrary, it doesn’t mean that your identity will be taken from away you. Even more it brings changes in the lifestyle of both husband and wife. Furthermore, you can’t give away your identity at the cost of name.


  1. Becoming someone else

last name

You love your partner and respect his family. It is a good sign that you are happy with the new relatives. Perhaps, when you change your name, it is simply saying that you are becoming someone else. Make a decision carefully before taking the last name of the husband.



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