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5 Table manners you need to follow

Table manners are very important no matter how comfortable you are with your habits.

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We may go out for expensive dinners and meetings in fancy restaurants but when it comes to table manners, most people just don’t give a crap! I get it, sometimes the food is so gorgeous and tasty that it’s all that you can focus on! But, while you are focusing on your food, someone else might be focusing on you! And how you are eating. Table manners are very important no matter how comfortable you are with your habits and the person who is accompanying you. Here are 5 such manners you must know about:


Being polite to the waiter

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Some people just forget that waiters are doing their jobs too. You cannot bully them or be mean to them unnecessarily. Being polite to you and taking care of you is a part of their job. And as civil people we must extend them the same kindness. Don’t be petty and yell at them. It casts a very negative impression.

Eating with your mouth closed

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It’s out and out disgusting for the other person to watch you eat and talk at the same time. The semi-chewed food inside your mouth is not a very pretty sight. i am not saying that you should not talk at all. Just wait until you have swallowed your food. And god forbid, if some of the food falls out of your mouth, you are doomed!


Eating slowly

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Never seem in a rush to finish the food or to end the evening. This is very disrespectful to the person with you. Even if you have a lot of work, take your time to have the food and never rush the other person to finish quickly. It is very rude and you might even choke on the food if you try to eat too quickly.


Stay off your phone!

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The Facebook notifications can wait. Turn off your phone or put it on silent to have a quiet evening or a decent meal. Don’t get distracted by things. You will anyways get to see all those messages later on.


Talk Slowly

Yes! People on the other table do not need to hear your conversations. They are having their own good time. There is no need to be too loud or act too excited. That could lead to some major embarrassment

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