5 Table manners you need to follow

table manners
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We may go out for expensive dinners and meetings in fancy restaurants but when it comes to table manners, most people just don’t give a crap! I get it, sometimes the food is so gorgeous and tasty that it’s all that you can focus on! But, while you are focusing on your food, someone else might be focusing on you! And how you are eating. Table manners are very important no matter how comfortable you are with your habits and the person who is accompanying you. Here are 5 such manners you must know about:


Being polite to the waiter

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Some people just forget that waiters are doing their jobs too. You cannot bully them or be mean to them unnecessarily. Being polite to you and taking care of you is a part of their job. And as civil people we must extend them the same kindness. Don’t be petty and yell at them. It casts a very negative impression.