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Tips for people who want to explore street shopping

Street shopping is the most budget friendly thing that can happen to a girl. Here are 5 tips to get the most out of it and make the experience comfortable.


Carry your own water bottle

Street shopping will get you tired. When indulging in it, you have to walk endlessly in order to find what you want. Don’t expect too many eating joints near the street shops. It is always a good idea to carry your own water bottle so that you can remain hydrated and don’t have to go around looking for it.


Carry bigger bags

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Street shopping offers endless variety at very affordable prices. The number of clothes you find can be overwhelming. However, the shopkeepers will not give you the stuff in polythene bags which are not so easy to carry and very easy to forget about. To avoid misplacing things, carry a big shoulder bag so that you can carry all that you buy in one single bag.


Bargain well

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The one way to make your street shopping experience worth it, is to bargain well. Now don’t go crazy and start with a silly price which is too low. The shopkeepers are not very kind and can be painfully sarcastic. They have nothing to lose. If you don’t buy that piece, someone else will.  The thumb rule is to start bargaining at half the stated price. So if the shopkeeper says 300, you say 150 and negotiate.


Wear comfortable clothes and footwear

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You will be under the sun, in the heat, walking constantly without getting a place to sit. Usually such places are crowded and you have to keep walking at a certain pace. So wear clothes which are comfortable. Wear shoes or flip flops for comfort. Wear tops which extend below your waistline so that you can bend and sit comfortably.


Examine the clothes very well

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Since the clothes are kept out in the open, they could be slightly damaged. If they are just slightly dirty then its fine. But look closely for any other defects like ripped stitches or any cuts. To make sure the clothes are fresh, just take a look at the sleeves. If they look worn out or faded, then that cloth has already been used.

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