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how smartphones have changed our lives essay

how smartphones have changed our lives essay Today we live in a world where people have more access to mobile phones rather than anything else. People who didn’t know anything about technology now are aware of each and every new update. Why is that so? What are they doing? Are they really helping any one of us? And are they really making any difference? Many questions might arise, but as they say, there’s an answer for every question and a solution for every problem.

Here are six ways by which phones are making life a better place for every human being

how smartphones have changed our lives essay

According to the World Bank report, there are around three-quarters of people on earth who have access to mobile phone. But today there are around 6 million mobile phone subscriptions active, up from 1 billion in the year 2000 whereas 5 billion of those are in developing countries. Feature phones not only help in the communication process, but it also helps in connecting people across the world. It helps in connecting people with their local governments.

A computer in your sack

It helps you in finding jobs online today; you can search each and everything online on Smartphone instantly. It not only helps you find jobs online but also helps you in providing all the relevant information. It works as a small computer or minicomputer.

Helps in saving lives

Phones are famous for its calling techniques and SMS system, it has a major advantage as well and that is it helps in saving lives. Today there is the development of many programs online that can help address critical health issues, for example, health workers in sub-Saharan Africa use mobiles to contact all the medical specialists. And it helps field workers determine the treatment of certain disease and it also identifies patients who are to be taken to the hospital.

Helps farmers and their districts

With the increase in the availability of cell phones to the farmers have become really very easy for them to communicate and now they are well informed about what to plant and what not to plant, they know when to harvest and when not to harvest and in how much quantity to sell crops for. These are considered to be the key factors for the economic success in rural areas.

It keeps you informed

Mobile helps you in providing all sorts of information you require and helps you in making aware about all the recent news and it not only informs you but also helps in spreading information widely.

Therefore, they are considered to be the lifesaver that can enhance your social life as well. Today, the use of phones are widely spread across the world as it provides a lot of benefits to people in rural areas and as well as in developing countries. And only because of this it has become easier for everyone to communicate on a large scale and to make online cash transactions.

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