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6 apps that each entrepreneur should use

entrepreneur apps- Being an entrepreneur is not easy. When you start your business, then there are many issues that you need to sort out. The starting phase of any company is the most vulnerable time. This is the time where you either make your company or break it.

Sometimes, starting a company could be very tough. You might need lots of help like guidance from some expert. You might also need support from friends, families for their moral support.


In, this advanced technology world, there are few apps that could help to make the business decisions better. You should have a look at these apps as they might prove to be crucial for your business development.

6 entrepreneur apps that each entrepreneur  should use


The most important that you would need is the business plan. If you start a business without proper planning, then that business might not be a success. But, sometimes writing a business plan can be a hectic job. This becomes more difficult when you are a first timer. In these case, StratPad could prove to be a great tool. It will help you to write your financial projects very easily. It will also help you to present them professionally before any investor.



There may be times that you might forget about meeting with some client or investor. This could create a lot of problem for you especially when you are just starting your business.

Sellingly is an email add-on. It will organize your leads and remind you to get in contact. It can also be sued to set reminders and find leads according to your preferred method of organization.


Credit Karma

Money is an important factor while starting your business. Most of the business owners need some kind of credit or loan to start their business. But, the credit should be great shape otherwise you might not get qualified for the loan.

This app helps you to access free credit score, reports. It also gives you complete the insight of your credit. It would also suggest your various methods improve your credit score.

Source: entrepreneurcoach



When you start a company, then you would need a website for that. This is very important, especially in this technology-driven world. Now, instead of hiring an expensive web designer you could use this app.

Plebu works on the web and helps you develop an attractive website according to your need. The added advantage is that the website will be responsive. So, the website could be opened on any device.



There are many times that some idea pops up in our mind. Now, it’s important to write that idea as you might forget that soon. You could write that idea on some kind of paper. But, there are chances that it might get lost. Obviously, you would not want to risk your company growth on silly paper getting lost.

This is exactly where Evernote would help you. You can write your note and save them to cloud. Evernote could also be synced to your other device so that you can access it from anywhere.


Uber Conference

This app is useful when you want to connect with lots of employees on your mobile. It is a conference calling app. You can call up to 17 people from your mobile device. It also allows you to track and record your conversation so that you could listen in later.

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