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Augmented reality

6 must play augmented reality games for Android

The use of augmented reality has not been limited to only industry. The advancement in technology has encouraged the app developers to use augmented reality in games also. The use of augmented reality has made games more realistic and fun to play.

Do you remember those days where you used to play the games on the TV sets using external consoles? Then came the desktop which enhanced the entire gaming experience which was further replaced by laptops and smart TV. But, now the gaming industry is shifting to more advanced technology that is Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. All the big companies like Sony, Oculus, are focusing on developing VR headsets for gaming.

The major advantage that AR has over VR games is that it is more realistic and users feel more attached to these games. These VR games increase the user experience and interaction. The popularity of AR games started with Pokémon Go. It was one of the first AR games that gathered the world attention toward itself. Since then all the small or big developers are working on developing VR and AR games. These developers are also supported by the big companies like NVIDIA, Microsoft and much more.

So, let’s 6 augmented reality games for Android devices.

  1. Ingress

This game is developed by Niantic, the same company that developed Pokémon Go. This game was launched in 2012.  In this, you will have to build portals. The simple rule is that you will have to power up the friendly portal and destroy the enemy portal. This game might not have got the popularity of Pokémon Go but is certainly one of the most played AR games.

Augmented reality

  1. Zombie go

This game is for the Zombie lovers out there. You will have to walk around and kill the Zombies before they kill you. This game can a really good one if you are feeling bored and want to experience the first-person shooting game in the completely new environment.

  1. Bee Ready

This game is developed for those who are new to AR games. You will have to shoot and kill the bees before they stung you. This games also help you kill your time using an impressive AR technology.

  1. Geocaching

This game is for people who love treasure hunts. It uses your phone’s GPS to track and place real-life treasure in containers around the world. You will have to find these containers. But here is the catch, you can only take the treasure from the container if you can replace with something which is of equal value.

Augmented reality

  1. Ghost snap

This game is best played in dark room. You will have to kill all the ghost. It has creepy music that makes the environment more frightening. You can play this game along with your friend in at night when no one is at home. This will make the environment more frightening and you will enjoy the game more.


This is a first person shooting game that requires an inceptor to play. This game makes use of Phone’s camera to shot members of the enemy faction.

These were some of the AR games that you must try on your Android devices. You never know you might get addicted to one of these games.

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