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6 signs to see if your partner is to dominating

Love is a bond of love and solidarity. When your partner text you to know about your whereabouts. Almost, it is a good sign that he/she cares for you. Moreover, your trust over with time develops. Make sure that you are honest and faithful to your partner. Perhaps, sometime when your partner started acting like jealous lover. Make sure that he/she might be trying to dominating. The insecurities might be ending your relationship. However, being protective is not a bad thing. Just see that your excessive protectiveness is not taking over the space of your partner. Accepting your partner with all its fault is an act of maturity. Probably, it is your job to make your partner comfortable. You need to look out that if he/she needs anything. Check out these signs Is your partner dominating on you?


  • They need to know about your whereabouts

Going to office and getting calls in single minute, irritates anyone. Obviously, you are in office and working, your attention is diverted from the task. Perhaps you know that it is dark and you need to reach home safely. Your partner is caring for you and keeping check. But he needs to understand that you are not a kid and can take of yourself.


  • Expect regular communication

Chatting full day is an epitome of love and companionship. Sometime, when you are not available to take calls. You keep doubting and ask for breakup. If the person is not available, it doesn’t mean that h/she doesn’t love you. And in return it seems that you are dominating.


  • No privacy is given

Personal space is required for any person. So you have friends and want to go for hangout. Jealousy is the root cause of any relationship. You should trust your instincts and give extra space to your partner.


  • Giving ultimatum

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When you give ultimatum to your partner, you indirectly annoy him. It’s okay if he is not able to take you for dinner or bring a gift for you. Probably, there might be a reason why he was not available. Therefore, don’t brag his head and give ultimatum.


  • Don’t like when you are out for too long

They are too possessive and doesn’t like that you go on holiday. Therefore, instead see out that your partner doesn’t go in wrong company. Seek out and then act. Lookout her friends and advise her go out with you instead of going with anyone else.


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