7 remedies to say goodbye body odor

remedies body odor

Most of us believe that body odor is caused due to excessive sweating. Well, that’s half truth and half truth is dangerous! Body odor is caused when your sweat mixes with bacteria on your skin.

It is highly embarrassing to be constantly acquainted with sick body odor. It keeps us away from intimate relationships and prevents us from going out and mingling with people. Just like bad breath, it shuts us down and sheds our confidence.

Getting rid of body odor will require some ingredients from your kitchen. To stay fresh all day long, here’s what you need to do :


  • Shave regularly

Many people who complain of body odor claim the primary source to be their underarm. And, underarm it is, that traps bacteria, thus, giving out sickly smells. So make sure to shave to wax your underarm regularly.

  • Make use of lemon juice

Lemon juice is acidic in nature. Wherever you sweat excessively, apply lemon juice as it works miraculously for getting rid of bad smell. In the presence of acid, it becomes difficult for bacteria to breed.