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7 slang words that will make you insane and mad

Slang words are those words which makes us laugh. Perhaps, no doubt they just create goose bumps while laughing. Using them will make you super cool and awesome. You never think before saying it in front of your friends. However, there were certain slang words which exist in 20s. It seems lame to use such words like raise the roof or peace out. Laughing! Therefore you can add these words into your dictionary. And the most amazing part will be that no one will be able to understand. Furthermore, your opponents will be shock. Adding on this it’s you who is going to laugh till the end. Sadly! Today’s generation is slowly the trend of these words. Moreover, they are just a facade and fake. So try these new slang words and share them with others.

  1. Peace out

The only thing when children took out their chest out. In addition, giving sarcastic comments to their elders by saying ‘peace out’.

  1. Cool beans

Saying that you are going to do this work today. Absolutely! You are not going to delay it and say “cool beans”.

  1. Stoked

Amazingly! You are going to date a handsome guy from class. Shouting out in front of the class that “Stoked Stoked, I am going with Harry”. Perhaps, it simply shows that you are excited about anything.

  1. Flossy

When you hate someone or feel jealous. A green-eyed monster conveys this word ‘Flossy’.

  1. My bad

When you have done something wrong and apologetic. Probably, you cannot say it directly. One thing is that you can do is “Oh! My bad, my stars are not with me”.

  1. Salty

It’s easy to say that I like you but difficult to say that I am upset. You might have passed from higher school. However, still feel that how you can show that you are sad.


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