9 Drawings That PERFECTLY Sum Up Life Before And AFTER Marriage – This Is SO True It Hurts


# Marriage!

Marriage is the declaration of your love for your loved one to the entire world and committing to loving them till “death do us part.”

It is a beautiful feeling to be married. You don’t have to sleep alone every night and they wake up right neext to you. Whatever you’ve heard about marriage being a mistake is false! After a few years with your loved one, their constant support and admiration becomes your strength and it becomes a relationship you cannot live without.

Here’s a series of beautiful illustrations that will make you want to get married right now!

#9 Your Texts

Here’s what your texts look like when your love is new and fresh. At this point, the L word is a big flattery and really lights your partner up!

But when you’re married, the love is perpetual and saying ‘I love you’ becomes almost instinctive!

#8 Love Me Like You Do

At first, the girl expects the guy to express his love in a more romantic way, like going on a long drive, a candle light dinner or for a romantic movie.

But after marriage, the only act of love she expects for him to at least do the laundry.

#7 Date Night


In the beginning, date nights will be lavish – you will literally visit every fancy restaurant in the city.

But after you’re married, you foucs on the simpler pleasures of life – like watching TV cuddled up on the sofa! It deosn’t get any better!