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9 Drawings That PERFECTLY Sum Up Life Before And AFTER Marriage – This Is SO True It Hurts

# Marriage!

Marriage is the declaration of your love for your loved one to the entire world and committing to loving them till “death do us part.”

It is a beautiful feeling to be married. You don’t have to sleep alone every night and they wake up right neext to you. Whatever you’ve heard about marriage being a mistake is false! After a few years with your loved one, their constant support and admiration becomes your strength and it becomes a relationship you cannot live without.

Here’s a series of beautiful illustrations that will make you want to get married right now!

#9 Your Texts

Here’s what your texts look like when your love is new and fresh. At this point, the L word is a big flattery and really lights your partner up!

But when you’re married, the love is perpetual and saying ‘I love you’ becomes almost instinctive!

#8 Love Me Like You Do

At first, the girl expects the guy to express his love in a more romantic way, like going on a long drive, a candle light dinner or for a romantic movie.

But after marriage, the only act of love she expects for him to at least do the laundry.

#7 Date Night


In the beginning, date nights will be lavish – you will literally visit every fancy restaurant in the city.

But after you’re married, you foucs on the simpler pleasures of life – like watching TV cuddled up on the sofa! It deosn’t get any better!

#6 Close The Door!

How you let them see you changes considerably. When you’re dating, your appearance is the most important. You want to make sure your makeup is perfect or that tie and belt go together before seeing each other.

But married couples have seen each other peeing!

#5 Keep It Together!

Before marriage, what keeps you two together is the magic of your newfound love! You know, it’s what they call the ‘honeymoon’ phase.

But after you’re married, your beautiful little family keeps you glued together!

#4 The Things You Do For Love

Before marriage, you’re ready to get her name tattoo-ed across your chest. But after? You do little thing that matter. Like taking out the trash for her.

#3 ZZZ

Ross and Rachel were cuddly sleepers, but they were dating. This is what they would look like sleeping after they get married!

#2 Quality Time

When you’re dating you idea of a quality time is to go out with them. But after you’re married, you both would rather just stay at home and feed each other. Saves money and tickles the love!

#1 Watch It!

When you’re dating, you are very conscious about your weight. Your diet chart is your bible and your body is your temple.

But who cares if youget fat after you’re married? Your partner is always going to love you!

Enjoyed these? Don’t you feel like getting married? If you’re already in a long term relationship, now would be a good time to pop the question!

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