9 Images That Prove Why Esha Gupta Is The Baddest Boss Out There

One of fashion industry’s hottest exports, and a genetically blessed human (and actress)—Esha Gupta—posted a series of beautifully lit and shot photos—direct to Instagram. These almost surreal photos were filled with life and celebrated the female form like we had never seen before. Especially from an Indian actress. But leave it to a brave Ms. Gupta to wear the most beautiful lingerie known to man (and woman), while making love to the camera and giving us feels. Shot by ace photographer Arjun Mark, and long-time creative collaborator, Mohit Rai.

However, upon release, the images received hate in bulk especially from the Troll Committee of India…

But, leave it to Ms. Gupta—a true Bollywood badass to get back at her haters like an effing champ! The leggy actress lashed out at the trolls like a pro millennial celebrity and sent out a barrage of even sexier and raunchier images that made our eyes water—out of happiness, obvs!

Basically, don’t mess with Esha Gupta!


Yup, she’ll cut you with her sexiness…

And her raw sex appeal!

Becuase, this is the true power of a sexually-liberated, 21st-century woman!

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