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    Top beautiful Asian places for solo women travelers!


    To dive deep into once in a lifetime kind of microcosmic experience and to explore the pristine, diverse and enriching heritage around the globe, Asia is a remarkable destination for all. World’s largest continent awaits you.

    Here are some of the best places for solo women travellers to visit in the magical continent of Asia.



    Source-World of Wanderlust


    With staggering beauty, the tranquillity of the archipelago and an eclectic mix of unique cultural influences, the Maldives offers a majestic blend of memories and experiences that can be preserved for a lifetime. With an economy largely based on tourism, Maldives is an island paradise that lets you indulge into ultra luxurious resort experiences.





    Neatly tucked into the Western coast of India, Goa is the state associated most with touristy beaches, a happening nightlife and over 300-year old Portuguese architecture.

    Referred to as the city of churches by many, the culture of Goa has the lingering effect of being a Portugal colony. Visibly different from the rest of the country, Goa has characteristic colourful houses, lush green fields and a soothing languidness in the atmosphere. The charming villages of Goa are ideal for a laid-back morning walk or an aimless evening stroll. North and South regions of the place are strikingly different – the former is a cultural hub with traditional eateries and markets, while the latter makes for an idyllic vacation with its 5-star hotels, private beaches and a mix of white sand and clean blue water. Under the star-laden skies, each festivity becomes more alive.




    Philippines is on top of my list when ravelling alone. It is not only good in terms of its mind-blowing beauty, but it is highly inexpensive, not as touristy as Thailand for example and safe as well. There are numerous outstanding features and reasons that makes this country a perfect destination for single woman traveller.

    Ranked as one of the happiest places in the world with ever-smiling locals, Philippines will heighten the fun quotient, thrill and comfort of a trip by manifolds.

    You can walk around freely without any worries of intruders or confronting any antisocial behaviour.





    Vietnam is in the top ten safest Asian countries according to Retire Asia. Besides being safe it is a beautiful country to travel to. From the lush green mountains in the north where you can come face-to-face with the traditional hill tribes and can do some amazing trekking to bustling Hanoi, cozy and colonial Hoi An, the white sandy-beaches of Nha Trang, food paradise Ho Chi Minh and the tropical island of Pho Quoc.

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    No Makeup look: New trend among women

    no makeup

    Women are known for beautiful looks and makeup that makes them more attractive and desirable. Since a very long time, women have worn different items to enhance their looks. These items generally included jewellery, makeup like lipstick and much more. But, now celebrities are challenging the long-followed tradition by embracing the non-makeup look.  But, why this trend is growing the modern day’s women?

    Women have been using different cosmetic products which tend to enhance certain features and hid others. If we analyse from the evolutionary process, then qualities like sexuality, health are considered as the signal for reproductive fitness. The makes-ups that give women, red lips, captivating eyes, a bit of blush all increases the attractiveness from both biological and cultural standpoint.

    Even studies have shown that makeup can significantly alter the impression of any women. Women wearing makeup are considered as more advanced, beautiful, high-class, more educated, better in behaviour, confident. The studies also concluded that women wearing makeup appear to have greater earning potential and with more prestigious jobs.



    The common belief regarding makeup

    These points clearly are strong incentives for women to wear makeup in the workplace. Makeup not only increases perceived attractiveness but also increases the women’s confidence. It is also proven that outward appearance has a powerful influence on self-esteem. According to the research conducted by Dove Self-esteem Fund in 2008, girls find it difficult to feel good when they don’t feel good about how they look.”  And this fact is true that many women don’t feel confident when they are wearing any makeup. But, there is no scientific proof that makeup increases the confidence level in women. Women who reported to wear makeup less frequently tend to have higher social confidence, self-esteem, and emotional stability.

    Also, women who are more concerned about their appearance wore more makeup and were more motivated to the belief that makeup enhanced their social interactions. This could be the reason for a self-fulfilling prophecy. Women who are conscious about wearing more makeup might act more confidently and the people they interact with might respond to that confidence in a more positive way. This fact can also be concluded from the fact that women are more likely to strike a deal than their corresponding counterpart.



    The no makeup look

    The no makeup look is adopted by women who are comfortable with themselves and their appearance. The new trend sends the message that women are desired to be seen more authentically. They want to be respected in the society in the way they look rather than hiding behind some camouflage.

    If you are hesitant about this new no makeup look and afraid to go on date without any makeup. In this case, you should try not wearing any makeup as a part of your regular routine and look in the mirror for some time with no goal than to stay present with yourself.

    So, get out there and show the world that you don’t need any hiding to become successful. This does not mean that you should stop wearing makeup at all. It just means that try not to wear makeup on your daily routine. It is always said that it’s not important what lies on outside rather what is inside.

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    A luxury beach resort to open in Saudi Arabia where women can wear bikini


    The conservative laws towards women in Saudi Arabia are not unknown. But there is a ray of hope for change.

    Recent reports states that  the country’s new heir to the throne Prince Mohammed bin Salman has plans to open a luxury beach resort where women will be able to wear bikinis instead of Burkhas. This new luxury Red Sea resort on a stretch of Saudi Arabia’s northwest coastline, will allow the women to wear whatever they want.



    The resort, which will be a kind of “semi-autonomous” destination, will relax the strict norms of women’s dressing, so they can finally wear a bikini to the beach, if that’s what they want.

    The government quoted in a Telegraph Report saying “governed by laws on par with international standards”. This is said to be in a bid to turn the country into a tourist hub, akin to Dubai, where women are allowed to wear bikinis on the beach, making it a preferred Middle Eastern destination for international travellers. The Prince is reportedly hopes that once business picks up, tourism would lessen the dependence on oil in the economy.


    resortSource- Parhlo news


    No Visa will be needed to visit the resort. The resort will also offer activities like parachuting, trekking and rock climbing.

    A statement reportedly said that construction is scheduled to start in 2019, the first phase is expected to be completed by 2022. It hopes to host a million visitors annually by 2035.

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    Government introduces six months maternity leave to to help more women seek jobs


    On Friday, the Parliament was informed that there will be six months maternity leave to encourage more women to find more jobs. The response comes on a query whether the government has taken cognisance of the fact that six-month maternity leave could cause non-recruitment of female employees in the corporate sector.(Indianexpress)


    Source- Hindustan Times


    In a written letter to Lok Sabha, Arjun Ram Meghwal, Minister of State for Corporate Affairs said “The government is of the opinion that with enforcement of Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act 2017, more and more women workers would be inclined to seek employment which will lead to increase in employment preferences for women.”




    Lok Sabha passed the Maternity Benefit Bill in March 2016. It was approved by Rajya Sabha after several months, but this step took India  India to the third position in terms of the number of weeks for maternity leave after Canada and Norway where it is 50 weeks and 44 weeks, respectively.

    This law states that women working in organised sector can claim 26 weeks of paid maternity leave from the previous 12 weeks.

    The new law would apply to all establishments employing 10 or more people and the entitlement would be only up to first two children. For third child, the entitlement is only 12 weeks.

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    Actually every women can get over judgement

    Life is unpredictable, isn’t it? loving someone and waiting for them to come in your life is just not that easy as it seems to be. Advice is given by everyone but no one will actually help you out from that situation. Problems are there in everyone’s life but If God gives us problems he also gives us the power to solve those problems but it depends on us how we handle certain situations.


    Source: emlii


    Girls like me

    Some girls like me don’t like wearing accessories like why even girls wear it? I mean it’s quite annoying and irritating like how can someone even wear accessories whole day? And then comes dresses and heels like why are they even sold? C’mon why cannot every girl remain simple and why does everyone have to do makeup just to impress boys why? If someone will love you ever they won’t really go on the outer beauty but instead, would love your soul. Makeup, fashion won’t really help you. At every stage in life, you will find people judging you whether on the basis of race, caste, religion, sex, colour, the appearance they will judge you in the way you dress up. If you wear short dresses they will judge you if you wear jeans and top they will again judge you society is meant to be like that. People say being a girl is an easy task and girls have to just maintain it. Do you even know what girls have to face? Can you even imagine the life of a girl who belongs to a middle-class family? Can you even imagine the life of a girl who is not that beautiful but is rich, who is not rich but is beautiful or I say who not rich and also not beautiful? People here don’t really go on the inner beauty but judge each and every girl on the outer basis. Why? Is it because that girl is not what you expect her to be? or her standards are low and your reputation will spoil if you be with her?


    Source: Tumblr


    Don’t judge a book by its cover

    Everyone including your friends and boyfriends would judge you because you are that kind of a material. They think you are dependent on them and that you don’t have your own life to live. I am not saying every girl is right at their point but not every girl is wrong at their point even. People judge women every time for wearing short dresses, for wearing jeans and top and etc and if they don’t work according to you they are prostitutes. I mean why? Is that so easy for you all to judge a person according to the way she dresses? She speaks? On the basis of her appearance? On the basis of her skin colour?

    Girls, are not toys or robots that will work according to you. You will definitely learn the importance of women once they are gone from your life, you will then clearly understand their motive of being here with you because without women this world is incomplete. Learn to respect them like you want to receive because one they show you who are they then I don’t think you will be even able to sort your life out.

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    Ultimate diet plan for weight loss for women


    “Fitness is not about being better than someone else it’s about being better than you used to be.” Remaining fit and healthy is kind a great concern for every woman in today’s world. Every woman wants to remain physically as well as mentally fit and for that many of them do work out and various other exercises. You might find many fitness freaks out there and if you wish to become one it’s neither too late, you can still give your best and reach to the top.

    Weight loss is also considered one of the major concerns in today’s world. There are a lot of different methods shown to lose weight and people do try as well. You might even find diet plans which usually people follow and do get effective results. The diet plan for weight loss for women can be followed by women in order to get effective results. If once you have decided to go on diet it’s really important for you to decide the meal you will have.

    Generally, there are two types of diet plans that are followed. If you’re a vegetarian then you would follow Vegetarian diet plan for weight loss and if you’re a non-vegetarian so you would follow the non-vegetarian diet plan for weight loss it’s either of your choices.


    Source: unicasport


    Vegetarian diet plan for weight loss for women: A vegetarian diet is known as a well-balanced diet and is basically appropriate for people of all age group. Be it children, a recovering patient, pregnant women or even lactating mothers a vegetarian diet plan for weight loss for women does include all the nutrients, calcium, minerals, proteins etc which is needed by the body so that it could function properly. If you’re facing diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, cancer, diabetes etc then you can prevent it simply by following this vegetarian diet plan that is prescribed by doctors as well.


    Following is the vegetarian diet chart for weight loss for women which you must follow in order to live a healthy and fit life


    • Start your day by having honey and lemon juice mixed with warm water, this is considered to be very effective as it helps in prevention of harmful toxins which are inside our body.


    • For Morning snack you could have a handful of walnuts or almonds and black tea or coffee or even juice would work. This might consider helpful for you if you’re working and can quench your hunger as well.


    • For breakfast what you can do is have a brown bread, skimmed milk, wheat bran/oats/cornflakes/sprouts or fruits or salads and if you’re a typical Indian you can even opt for Upma, vegetable poha, idlis, daliya with fruits or skimmed milk. Basically, breakfast should be light and healthy and it’s your choice you can have it according to your preferences.


    • For lunch: Lunch should anyway be heavy as it’s the basic. You can have a Chapati without oil or ghee, rice but without starch, salads, vegetable or any vegetable curry, dal is a must and curd for taste.


    • For evening snack: Evening snack is important as well as it helps in the digestive system and also in weight loss and for evening snack avoid eating fast food and instead of that eat sprouts, apple, cucumber, carrots, nuts and have tea with light biscuits.


    • For dinner:  Same as Lunch but you need to make sure this time the quantity should be less than that for lunch and again Dinner should not heavy it should be light and it should basically include a Chapati without oil or ghee, rice but without starch, salads, vegetable or any vegetable curry, dal is a must and curd for taste.


    • Night snack while going to bed: Just have a glass of skimmed milk you can even avoid drinking milk at night if you have already taken it in the morning i.e. during breakfast. You can simply eat fruits and then go to bed.


    Follow this vegetarian diet chart regularly and consistently to reduce your weight and to remain healthy and fit. There are many varieties of diet charts as mentioned above and if you’re a non-vegetarian and don’t prefer vegetarian food that much, you can even follow a non-vegetarian diet chart too.


    Here, is the Non- vegetarian diet chart for weight loss for women which you prefer and definitely must follow:


    Source: rd


    Non- vegetarian diet chart for weight loss for women: Non-vegetarians do have a variety of options when it comes to a protein such as meat, eggs, dairy products, and fish. It’s not always about the options available but it is also important for you to know about the right quantity of protein that should be consumed on a particular day. If you’re at the gym or in workout stuff then accordingly it varies from density to density i.e. it varies from 1.5 g to 2.5 g body mass.


    Following is the Non- vegetarian diet chart for weight loss for women which you must follow in order to live a healthy and fit life


    • Start your morning with a glass of lukewarm water and add some lemon juice in it with a honey as it will help in hydrating your body and would also prevent bowel movement.


    • For breakfast, you can have dishes related to eggs like you can have an omelet and make sure it’s with a bit of oil and you can even have scrambled eggs or even plain boiled eggs and some salt & pepper added to it. Avoid eating fried items like egg fry or French toast. You can either have eggs with a slice of wheat toast or some milk and you can also have both at the same time either of your choices.


    • For lunch, you can eat a meat vegetable dish and chicken side-dish you can have any one of them and just make sure that meat is prepared in the home only because it’s better to make the dish at home as you might be more conscious about the cleaning and cooking practice. Avoid eating fried chicken and instead of that you can grill it or roast it or you can even boil it.


    • For dinner, the best option you can have is sea food and in fact, sea food soups are just adding a better taste to make your day even more beautiful. And also you can have streamed or grilled fish dish at the same time.


    Apart from exercising and relying on the gym, it’s important for you to remain fit and healthy. Whether you’re vegetarian or non-vegetarian you always have to eat regularly and in moderation and also you can follow the above-mentioned diet charts in order to lose weight effectively.

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    Essentials for women’s closet


    India is a large country with different types of fashion in different states. From north to south, fashion is been different in India.  As the western culture is also been accepted by the younger generation, thus many latest fashion trends have also slowly managed its way in India. Keep in the various fashion styles and liking’s.

    As women are the ones who just love fashion, we cannot deny the fact that fashion is one of the preferable things in today’s world. Every other person is it men or women are up to date and know a lot more about fashion sense be it a celebrity or a model or you can say a youngster everyone knows about fashion.

    Following are the essentials which should be included in every girl’s wardrobe for a better fashion walk in any occasion:


    • A plain white tee: 

      A plain white is an essential part of any wardrobe it can be used for multiple uses such as it is perfect for a casual day out and If the same top is worn with a jacket on top then it can be best suited for a great evening as well.


    • Leather Jackets: 

      A leather jacket adds to your plain outfit, it gives a classy look to your outfit. A leather jacket makes your look quite attractive.

    Source: blogspot


    • Summer Dress: 

      A summer dress in your wardrobe can help you brighten up your dullest of days and subtle colours can give a bright and an attractive look to your outfit.


    • Pencil Skirt: 

      A pencil skirt in your wardrobe can work for all purposes it can be worn for a formal meeting and at the same time wearing the skirt with a sequined top will give you a perfect look for a club night as well. The pencil skirt opted for should be neither too long nor too short, the length should be just perfect to give it a nice look.


    Source: bluemaize


    • A crisp white formal skirt: 

      A plain white skirt is a must have, irrespective of being a professional or not. Using your creativity will help you in wearing the same skirt in different ways.


    • A saree for an ethnic day: 

      Nothing can be better suited Indian women’s like that of traditional wear does. So a pretty get saree that you can wear on your ethnic days at the office and as well as in a wedding.


    Source: ezyshine


    • Kurti for a daily wear: 

      A kurta is again an essential part of every girl’s wardrobe because wearing skirts and tops every day is a little boring, need a change go for Kurtis.


    Fashion is an essential part of our life. if one is dressed as per the latest styles then it tends to give a good impression. Fashion is not only important for a working woman but is equally important for students going to college that is why every closet requires essentials in their closet.  The Essentials mentioned above are the necessary things that all the wardrobes should have and if you don’t have them buy to make your wardrobe look complete and make oneself look presentable.

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    Men Vs Women: in terms of Infidelity


    The study shows that women are more likely to signal an end to her primary relationship that if a man cheats. This case is directly related to the thinking style of men and women. Both of them feel differently about relationships. Generally, men are able to separate and compartmentalize intimate connection but women cannot do this.

    So, men who casually cheats can do that without feeling a significant amount of emotional connection while women who cheat tend to see the things bit differently. In the case of women. Sex and emotional connection are intermingled which makes the compartmentalization a difficult job.

    The difference in cheating

    If a women cheat then there is usually an element of romance, connection, intimacy, and love. On the other hand, if men cheat they are more likely to do that to satisfy their sexual urges with almost no thought of intimacy. But, this does not matter than men only cheat to meet their desire but it happens in most of the cases. This also does not affect their primary relationship. This is the prime reason that it is very difficult to find out whether a man is cheating or not. If you are going to ask those men about their primary relationship, then they would mostly say that they are enjoying their time.


    Some studies have also shown that men can tell more lie than women without the feeling of guilt. This is the prime reason why most of the men are able to maintain more than one physical relationship in their life for the longer period of time.

    But, women do not operate the same way. They give more importance to the trust and belief in the relationship. This is the prime reason that why women are more committed to any relationship than their counterpart. They also do not cheat unless they feel unhappiness in their primary relationship. This is the major reason for women to move away from their primary relationship.

    Showing emotions

    Women are way better at showing their emotion rather than men. They also try to emotionally connect with something. On the other hand, men are good at hiding their emotions. The studies have also shown that women are more attracted to those men who can show some kind to emotional intimacy. On the other hand, men are more interested in the body shape and beauty. They are more drawn toward to physical relationship rather than women. Their desire is mostly dominated by the physical needs rather than physiological needs.


    Women are more involved in the romantic and true relationships. This thing is also depicted in most of the movies. The women try to judge a man on the basis of how much he is able to emotionally connect with her or not. Women try to find a partner with whom she can have the good and long-term bond. On the other hand, men do not look for long term relationship. This is the prime reason why men are most afraid of getting involved in the committed bond.


    It is always said that women are better in any relationship and this fact has been proven scientifically also. Men, on the other hand, driven more by physical relationship than to focus on the quality of the relationship.

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    5 fashion Trends for Women in 2017


    Fashion is a statement not a style. Trends does not have to be worn casually nor outside the runaway. Fashion is fit for all people, sizes and all ages. Fashion is something which is never out of the league. From teenagers to oldies everyone knows about fashion, they are aware of the latest trends of fashion instead they follow them as well. Everyone might be aware of fashion trends that constant change every year.

    Here are some of fashion trends a woman should definitely adopt in 2017

    A-Line Shapes:

    A-line has been ruling the fashion over a long period of time, and it is absolutely on the rise, particularly for the rest period. It appears to look best when sported with a feel of the 70’s for a tad of a twirl. A lighthearted combination of the mannish sheath with rationalised flowery print or multicoloured meander, cropped cuts, and high-wasted flicker fits or straight-leg trousers worn out with instructors, can abscond no hesitation. A-line jumpsuit, and dresses, or skirts with needlework, matching shirts or knits, are womanly, and so in trend.



    The dugout coat is one famous and popular trend that is followed from last year. This winter, thrash the callous winter cold with the latest fashion trends for women, i.e. the cape. It strongly looks a lot like a poncho, and is stretchy sufficient to hit all the other varieties of winter dressing. It can be worn with either side up or down. These are finer when the unbiased insignia is selected. The poncho itself proffers an encrusted manifestation. Do not miss this winter trend.



    Gypsy-inspired look meets the fascinating jumbo set fashion, and you have Gypset, differentiated by an audacious outlines, oriental and sumptuousness of bohemianism. It is one of the prime fashion trends for women this year, and is absolutely wearable. It is a cool and pleasurable tour line, established in the ‘70s. Zests up your usual work and sundown wardrobe with hasten of shade and exoticism. Encrusted tunics with Aladdin chinos, oriental-inspired garnishes and valiant flowery blueprint, will foxtrot up the look.

    (Source: Pinterest)

    Long Vests:

    The trend of long vests is been followed from past so many year and so are ideal for the pre-fall season, particularly because pre-fall is the season for outerwear that you have been so excited about. An alternative for the 70’s jackets and blazers, long vests have a light effect on the body, especially when left unfasten. They can be worn in the late summer September on their own, showing off the uncovered arms, with sweater when it gets colder or even used for a layered look.



    One of the trending styles to choose from the spring/summer collection this year is the shirt-dress. Long shirt, which strike the stand a few years ago, has already become a archetypal. But, this season, designers have remained the shirt-dress with a variety of quirks and cuts. Drop waists, double high slits, button-downs, asymmetric hemlines, and mandarin-collar: be ready to go board an adventure, and go try out looks that matches your personality.


    With the change in technology the fashion trends have also changed over the years so if you haven’t tried these clothes as yet so go grab it now and get your best look and be instant ready for every occasion.

     Enjoy your style!!!! 

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    What makes the Women different from Men?

    Women different from Men

    In the 21st century, the world is changing at a rapid rate, but the society remains same. The patriarchal society still categories the women as weak and timid whereas men as strong and intelligent. In reality, both the sexes are same; it is the society which has drawn a demarcation between the two genders. Here are 12 factors which make the women different from men on the biological basis.

    1. Mind connection

    According to medical studies, both the sexes have different minds connections. Men’s brain connection run on the same side between the front and the back. In females, connections are run between the left and right hemisphere from side to side.

    2. Lung capacity

    Males have 30% more lung capacity as compared to females.

    3. Leadership qualities


    Mostly leadership positions in the organization are taken by the men. Due to stereotypical society, females were not given any such opportunities.

    4. Rationality

    During the extreme situations, men act with logic whereas women react with emotionality.

    5. Discrimination

    Patriarchal society has laid separate codes and conduct for both the sexes. As a result, there is various discrimination in the law, culture, and society.

    6. Crime

    Mostly males are engaged in the fields of crime. Females except prostitution have lower arrest rates

    7. Diseases


    Around the world, 90% cases of primary biliary cirrhosis are found in females. Whereas in men, primary sclerosing cholangitis is found.

    8. Solving the problems


    In the human body, there is a component called frontal lobe which helps in solving the problems. Females have larger limbic cortex as compared to men

    9. Excellency

    In the field of mathematics and geography, males perform better because they have a larger parietal cortex. Females are excellent in the field of arts.

    10. Higher temperature

    Men have the low metabolism as a result women can withstand more efficiently in higher temperatures.

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    Innovative women founders that have made this world a better place

    Innovative women founders
    There are large numbers of companies that are founded every year. Some of these companies perform very well and go on to become a big company but some of these companies fail to draw so much attention toward itself. So was the case in 2016 and 2017.
    There were many startups in these years. Some of these startups draw a lot of attention toward themselves. The main attraction of these startups was that many of the startups were initiated by women.
    This is a very big step toward the equality and freedom for the women. Women founders again prove the fact that women are no less than men and they could also handle the big business and corporate world.

    So, let’s look at the 10 innovative women founders.

    1.    Dr. Rachel Gawley

    Dr. Rachel Gawley is an award-winning mobile technology specialist, CEO, and founder of AppAttic. She holds a Ph.D. in the field of Software Architecture and previously a research fellowship in connected health.
    Source- AppAtic
    Source- AppAtic

    Also, she has commercialized research for many start-ups and has published over 1000 apps to mobile App Stores. She also likes to make things and more importantly break existing models to build a better future.

    Her current focus is on creating a revolution in healthcare. Her vision of the future is the world that focuses on maintaining health and personalizing care based on the longitudinal data. Rachel is leading the team at AppAttic to create games that engage users with their health for positive behavior change.

    2.    Kathryn Minshew

    She cofounded the muse and then it has since become a go-to destination of tons of millennial and a growing percentage of older job seekers.
    women founders
    The Muse now garners more than 50 million visitors per year, many of whom are apparently come for the troves of features at the site, from skill-building courses to actual coaching.
    The Muse has raised $28.7 million across four rounds, including a $16 million Series B round that closed in June.

    3.    Katrina Lake

    Stitch Fix is cofounded by CEO Katrina Lake while at HBS, is evidently clicking with the whole lot of customers, who pay a $20 fee to receive a box of five items chosen expressly for them based on their preferences, then they receive them on demand or at the regular intervals.
    women founders
    The San Francisco-based company has raised more than $45 million from investors.

    4.    Ashley Dombkowski

    She is the co-founder of the company named Before Brands. This company raised a whopping amount of $13 million in just five months of its launching.

    5.    Sallie Krawcheck

    She has worked as the president at Bank of America, CFO of Citigroup.
    sallie-krawcheck women founders
    Sallie started Ellevest, which is a digital investment startup launched in early 2015. The company has raised more than $20 million till now.

    6.    Cindy Mi

    She founded the company VIPKid. This company matches the Chinese students with North American instructors. It has raised more than $150 million. This start helps both the students and the teachers.

    7.    Angela Lee

    Angela is an assistant dean of the Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence at Columbia Business School. Looking at the investing landscape, she was appalled at the lack of women investing and felt it was limiting the innovation economy.
    women founders
    She founded Angels, which is an angel investment network that trains women to invest in early stage start-ups.
    The network evaluates over 2,000 startups a year.

    8.     Tanya Menendez

    She is the co-founder of the Makers row. It has all the information regarding the end to end manufacturing process at one place.
     women founders
    This company gives you the resource to start your manufacturing process and start the production.

    9.    Anisha Singh

    Anisha started her career by working with the Clinton administration. She helped the women entrepreneurs to raise the fund for their company. She later came to India and started Kings solutions.
    This company provides the e-learning solution for more than 500 companies.

    10.    Barbara Demeneix

    Barbara is the professor of Physiology at the Natural History Museum in Paris. She studies the evolution of hormone systems there.
    She invented the first method for screening chemicals and environmental samples using genetically-engineered fluorescent embryos.
    women founders
    Barbara is also the co-founder of Watch Frog. This company uses marketing biological tests for screening chemicals and assessing the water quality.
    She is active on many international committees and has been recognized for her mentoring.
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    रिलेशनशिप: महिलाओं की छाती दर्शाती है उनका व्‍यक्तित्‍व

    रिलेशनशिप: महिलाओं की छाती दर्शाती है उनका व्‍यक्तित्‍व
    महिलाओं की छाती पुरुषों के आकर्षण का केंद्र होता है। पुरुष यदि किसी महिला की तरफ देखता है, तो उसकी पहली नजर उसकी छाती की ओर जाती है। ऐसे सर्वेक्षण पुरुषों के अंदर की कामोत्‍तेजना को परोसने की कोशिश करते हैं। सामुद्रिकशास्‍त्र को पढ़ें, तो छाती स्‍त्री का व्‍यक्तित्‍व दर्शाती है।

    महिलाओं की छाती बताती है ये बातें:

    # अगर स्त्री के छाती पर हल्के बाल हों, वह स्त्री अनेक पुरूषों के साथ रमण करने वाली होती है। ऐसी स्त्रियां अपने परिवार व पति के प्रति छल-कपट करने में संकोच नहीं करती है। ये झूठ बोलने में भी माहिर होती है।
    रिलेशनशिप: महिलाओं की छाती दर्शाती है उनका व्‍यक्तित्‍व
    # अगर स्त्री की छाती उंची व पुष्ट हो, वह स्त्री अनेक प्रकार के सुखों को भोगने वाली होती है एंव धनधान्य व ऐश्वर्य से परिपूर्ण होती है। ऐसी स्त्रियां अपने पति को सुख देने वाली होती है।
    # अगर स्त्री की छाती नीची व लटकी हुई हो, वह स्त्री जिस परिवार में जाती है वहां पर दरिद्रता आने की आशंका रहती है। ऐसी स्त्रियां अपने पति से हमेशा झगड़ा करने वाली मानी जाती है।
    रिलेशनशिप: महिलाओं की छाती दर्शाती है उनका व्‍यक्तित्‍व
    # अगर स्त्री की छाती चौड़ी ​होती है, वह स्त्री साहसी, अहंकारी व क्रोधी स्वभाव वाली होती है। ये परिवार पर अपना सिक्का चलाने का प्रयास करती रहती है। ये प्रत्येक कार्य अपने स्वहित के लिए ही करती है।
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    लड़की ने करोड़ों रुपए खर्च कर खरीदा नया घर, लेकिन घर में घुसते ही उड़ गये होश – देखिए

    लड़की ने करोड़ों रुपए खर्च कर खरीदा नया घर, लेकिन घर में घुसते ही उड़ गये होश – देखिए

    मामला कुछ ऐसा है जिसे सुनकर आपके होश उड़ जाएंगे। दरअसल, एक महिला ने कुछ दिनों पहले ही करोड़ों रुपए खर्च करके घर खरीदा लेकिन उसके साथ जो हुआ वो जानकर आप भी कहीं घर या कुछ खरीदने से पहले हजार बार सोचेंगे। हम सभी का ये सपना होता है कि वो अपने घर में रहे और इसके लिए वो काफी मेहनत भी करता हैं। लेकिन क्या हो जब आप अपनी सारी पूँजी लगाकर घर खरीदें और आपके साथ कुछ ऐसा हो जाये जिसकी वजह से आपके सपनों का घर आपको लिए खंडहर लगने लगे। Women found 100 snakes in new bangle.

    क्या है पूरा मामला?

    लड़की ने करोड़ों रुपए खर्च कर खरीदा नया घर, लेकिन घर में घुसते ही उड़ गये होश – देखिए

    मामला अमेरिका है, जहां कि रहने वाली हेंज व्हिटली नाम की एक महिला ने इसी साल अक्टूबर के महिने में मिन्सोटा में अपना सारा पैसा लगाकर एक नया घर खरीदा, लेकिन उसे शायद ये मालूम नहीं था कि उसके साथ कुछ भयानक होने जा रहा है। आपको जानकर आश्चर्य होगा कि हेंज व्हिटली यह घर करीब डेढ़ करोड़ रुपये में खरीदा था। अपनी सारी पूँजी लगाने के बावजूद हेंज व्हिटली का सपना अधूरा रह गया।

    लड़की ने करोड़ों रुपए खर्च कर खरीदा नया घर, लेकिन घर में घुसते ही उड़ गये होश – देखिए

    दरअसल, हेंज व्हिटली ने जो घर खरीदा उसमें सांपो का बसेरा था। हेंज व्हिटली को इस बात का अंदाजा तब हुआ जब उसके बेड के नीचे से सांप निकला। हालांकि, शुरु में तो हेंज व्हिटली को ये अजीब नही लगा क्योंकि सांप तो किसी भी घर में निकल सकते हैं। लेकिन जब छः महीने के भीतर घर से एक एक कर 100 से ज्यादा सांप निकले तो हेंज व्हिटली को समझ में आ गया कि उससे कितनी बड़ी गलती हुई है।


    हेंज व्हिटली ने किया फ्राड का केस

    लड़की ने करोड़ों रुपए खर्च कर खरीदा नया घर, लेकिन घर में घुसते ही उड़ गये होश – देखिए

    हेंज व्हिटली ने इसके बाद मीडिया से बातचीत में इस बात का खुलासा किया कि इस घर को खरीदने में उसने अपने सारे पैसे लगा दिये हैं। अब उसके पास कहीं और घर लेने के लिए पैसे नहीं बचे हैं। हालांकि, इस मुसीबत से निपटने के लिए हेंज व्हिटली ने सांप निकालने वाले एनिमल कंट्रोल एक्सपर्ट को बुलाया। एनिमल कंट्रोल एक्सपर्ट के प्रयासों से 100 से ज्यादा सांपों को निकाला गया, लेकिन ये मुसिबत खत्म नहीं हुई।

    लड़की ने करोड़ों रुपए खर्च कर खरीदा नया घर, लेकिन घर में घुसते ही उड़ गये होश – देखिए

    काफी मशकत के बाद भी जब एनिमल कंट्रोल एक्सपर्ट को सफलता नहीं मिली तो जांच की गई, जिसमें सामने आया कि बंगले के पास ही एक दलदल है जिसमें सैकड़ों साप भरे पड़े हैं। इस बात के सामने आने के बाद व्हिटली ने इस बंगले के मालिक पर फ्राड का केस कर दिया है। क्योंकि घर बेचते वक्त उसने इस बंगले में सांपों की मौजूदगी के बारे में नहीं बताया था।

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    7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Hail From Royal Families

    7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Hail From Royal Families

    Bollywood abounds a number of celebrities who are not less than royalty in any manner. But if you are truly one of the biggest Hindi film enthusiasts, then you must be familiar with the names of those Bollywood celebs that are really related to some royal family in some way or the other. In case, you don’t know much about the connection of our stars to royal families, then you should not miss our list on 12 Bollywood Celebrities who hail from Royal Families!

    1.Saif Ali Khan

    7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Hail From Royal Families

    After Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan is the fourth most bankable Khan of Bollywood. He was born on 16 August 1970 in New Delhi to former Indian Cricket Team captain, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, who hailed from the prestigious royal family of Pataudis, and noted film actress, Sharmila Tagore. Mansoor Ali Khan was Nawab of Pataudi from the year 1952–71. Following his, Saif was crowned the tenth Nawab of Pataudi in a pagri ceremony held in the village of Pataudi, Haryana.

    After completing his graduation from the boarding school, Khan came back to India and joined an advertising industry in New Delhi. He worked there for two months before appearing in a television commercial for Gwalior Suiting on the behest of a friend. Subsequently, he was roped in by director Anand Mahindroo, but, unfortunately, the project could not materialize, but Saif relocated to Mumbai to join Hindi films. He finally made his acting debut with Yash Chopra’s unsuccessful film ‘Parampara’ in 1993. The movie also starred actor Aamir Khan. He achieved success with his romantic roles in movies like ‘Yeh Dillagi’ (1995), ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’ (1994). Following the success of these two films, Khan was offered several other movies. In years to come, Saif went on to star in films like ‘Bambai Ka Babu’ (1996), ‘Tu Chor Main Sipahi’ (1996), ‘Hamesha’ (1997), ‘Udaan’ (1997), ‘Keemat’ (1998) ‘Humse Badhkar Kaun’ (1998), ‘Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan’ (1999), ‘Kachche Dhaage’ (1999), ‘Aarzoo’ (1999) and ‘Hum Saath-Saath Hain’ (1999).

    By the end of 1990s, Khan had done more than a dozen of movies but he hardly got a role which could have brought him the kind of fame and success which he would have imagined. However, the beginning of the new centaury changed his life forever. His performance in Farhan Akhtar’s directorial debut ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ (2001) turned out to be the best rated performance of his career. The critically and financially successful movie marked a major turning point in the career of the actor, winning him the Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Comic Role. It kind of uplifted the sinking career of Nawab. After the thunderous success of ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ (2001), Saif appeared in several well received films including ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ (2003), ‘Ek Haseena Thi’ (2004), ‘Hum Tum’ (2005), ‘Parineeta’ (2005), ‘Omkara’ (2006), ‘Love Aaj Kal’ (2009), and ‘Cocktail’ (2012), to mention a few. The actor is currently awaiting the release of his films ‘Chef’ and ‘Bazaar’.

    TRIVIA: The actor is popularly considered as the ‘Chote Nawab of Pataudi’. However, the Government of India has abolished the official existence of princely titles.


    2.Aditi Rao Hydari

    7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Hail From Royal Families

    Actress Aditi Rao Hydari, without an ounce of doubt, looks like the type of woman who would be some royal connections. Hydari is considered one of the most beautiful actresses of Indian cinema. She has wowed the audience with her charm in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi films. But do you know that the gorgeous actress belongs to not one but two royal families from both her maternal and paternal sides. Aditi was born on 28 October into two royal families of Muhammad Saleh Akbar Hydari and J. Rameshwar Rao of erstwhile Raja of Wanaparthy family. She is the great granddaughter of Akbar Hydari and the grand niece of Muhammad Saleh Akbar Hydari, former Governor of Assam. After graduating from Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi, Hydari decided to venture into films.

    Known for her petite looks and graceful performances in a number of movies made in different Indian languages, Aditi first appeared on screen in the Malayalam movie ‘Prajapathi’ (2006). In her debut movie, she was paired opposite well-known actor Mammootty. After garnering praises for her first film, the actress went on to sign a Tamil period drama film called ‘Sringaram’ (2007), directed by debutante Sharada Ramanathan. The film did well at the box office. Buoyed by the success of her first two films, Aditi decided to explore opportunities in other film industries also and subsequently landed an important role in the Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra directorial ‘Delhi 6’ (2009).

    Aditi rose to fame after starring in Sudhir Mishra’s 2011 romantic thriller film ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’. She played a character called Shanti in the movie. Her performance was widely appreciated and earned her the Screen Award in the Best Supporting Actress category. After the success of the movie, the actress, who is also a classical Bharatanatyam dancer and trained under Leela Samson, was approached by many filmmakers for varied characters. She appeared in various films like ‘Rockstar’ (2011), ‘Murder 3’ (2013), ‘Khoobsurat’ (2014), ‘Wazir’ (2016) and ‘Fitoor’ (2016). The actress will next be seen in ‘Aur Devdas’, ‘Kaatru Veliyidai’, ‘Bhoomi, and ‘Padmavati’.

    TRIVIA: Aditi Rao Hydari got married at the age of 21 to Satyadeep Mishra. Satyadeep worked as a civil servant and lawyer before becoming an actor.


    3.Riya Sen

    7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Hail From Royal Families

    Well-known Model and actress Riya Sen hails from a family whose many generations have had a long association with films. Her elder sister Raima Sen, her mother Moon Moon Sen, and her grandmother Suchitra Sen, all are actresses and have been an integral part of Bengali and Hindi film industries over the years. Through her father’s side, Riya is related to a royal family. She was born on 24 January 1981 in Kolkata, West Bengal, to Bharat Dev Varma and Moon Moon Sen. Her father belongs to the royal family of Tripura. Her paternal grandmother, Ila Devi, was the princess of Cooch Behar, whose younger sister Gayatri Devi was the Maharani of Jaipur. Her paternal great-grandmother, Indira, was the only daughter of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III of Baroda.

    Like her sister, mother and grandmother, Riya too decided to take a plunge into films and has made a name for herself in both Bengali and Hindi film industries. She started her acting career as a child actress in the Hindi film ‘Vishkanya’ (1991). The film was a moderate success. After a decade, Riya made her debut as a leading heroine with the sex-comedy film ‘Style’ (2001). Though, critics panned the film, it was commercially successful and paved the way for the actress’ acting career. ‘Style’ was followed by ‘Qayamat: City Under Threat’ (2003), and ‘Jhankar Beats’ (2003). Both films did decent business at the box office. Apart from Hindi movies, Sen kept starring in Bengali and other South Indian films also. She was last seen in Dark Chocolate (2016), which was a Hindi and Bengali production. Her upcoming project includes ‘Lonely Girl – A Psychological Thriller’.

    TRIVIA: She first came into limelight after acting in Falguni Pathak’s music video ‘Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi’ at the age of sixteen in 1998.

    4.Bhagyashree Patwardhan

    7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Hail From Royal Families

    Renowned actress Bhagyashree, who is best known for her first and only successful Hindi film ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ (1989) opposite superstar Salman Khan, is actually related to royalty. The beautiful and exquisitely dignified lady belongs to the Patwardhan royal Marathi family of Sangli in the state of Maharashtra. Her father, Vijay Singhrao Madhavrao Patwardhan, is the present King of Sangli.

    Bhagyashree began her acting career with a television show called ‘Kachchi Dhoop’. The show, directed by veteran actor and filmmaker, Amol Palekar, did well on Doordarshan. The success of the show led the actress do more shows like ‘Honi Anhoni’ and ‘Kisse Miya Biwi Ke’. Her great features and excellent acting skills caught the attention of some filmmakers and soon Bhagyashree was roped in for ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. The film turned out to be one of the highest grossing films of the decade. It is still considered one of the most romantic films of all time. After the success of the film, people thought that the actress would have a long inning in films. However, Bhagyashree surprised one and all when she married Sindhi Businessman Himalaya Dassani decided to star opposite her husband only.

    Her decision of doing films with her husband only did not work in her favor as, after marriage, she did three films: ‘Qaid Main Hai Bulbul’, ‘Tyagi’ and ‘Payal’ with her husband Himalaya in 1992. Unfortunately, all three films tanked at the box office. In 1993, she also did ‘Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi’, which was her last Hindi movie in the 1990s and she quit films for rest of the decade. She made a comeback to Hindi films with ‘Hello Girls’ in 2001 and later appeared in ‘Janani’ (2006), ‘Humko Deewana Kar Gaye’ (2006) and ‘Red Alert: The War Within’ (2008). Now, she is seen in television shows more than films.

    TRIVIA: Bhagyashree’s was a conservative family and she was brought up with a conservative outlook towards life. She had to get back home before sundown.

    5.Sonal Singh Chauhan

    7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Hail From Royal Families

    Model, singer and actress, Sonal Singh Chauhan is a multi-talented personality. And why should she not be? She has a lot of royal blood in her veins which makes her utterly talented and deft at so many creative things. Born on 16 May 1987 at Muzzafarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, Chauhan belongs to the royal family of Rajasthan. But the stunningly beautiful actress never boasted of her royal lineage to reach where she is in her life at the moment.

    Sonal, who predominantly works in Telugu cinema and Hindi cinema, was a successful model before venturing into films. She won the Miss World Tourism 2005 title. She is the first Indian model who clenched the coveted Miss World Tourism title. After winning a number of beauty pageants and roaming around the world, Sonal appeared in several commercials of well-known brands like Ponds, Nokia and Dish TV. She also graced the cover page of the popular FHM magazine. Later, she has featured in the cover of many leading magazines including Beauty, Wow and Maxim and then appeared in a song of Himesh Reshammiya’s chartbusting album ‘Aap Kaa Surroor’. Exhilarated with the response her song received by the music lovers, she soon made her Bollywood debut with Kunal Deshmukh’s crime romance drama ‘Jannat’ (2008) opposite Emraan Hashmi. The film was a box office success and Sonal garnered good reviews for her performances and was even nominated for Filmfare Best Debutant Female Award. However, despite making a successful film debut, she did not get much work in Bollywood.  Reportedly, the actress had signed a three films deal with the Bhatts’ Vishesh Films. But, after ‘Jannat’, Sonal was never seen in any Vishesh Films’ movie again. A relative lack of good opportunities in Bollywood compelled the actress to shift her focus to the south film industry where she is doing good work now.

    TRIVIA: Sonal debuted in Telugu film industry with the movie ‘Rainbow’ in 2008.

    6.S D Burman

    7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Hail From Royal Families

    Sachin Dev Burman, popularly known as S D Burman, is revered as one of the most creative and talented music composers of all times. His songs are popular even today, after so many years of coming into existence. Burman was born on 1st October 1906 in Comilla, Bengal Presidency, which at this time falls within the territory of present-day Bangladesh. Nabadwipchandra Dev Burman, son of Maharaja Ishanachandra Manikya Dev Burman, Maharaja of Tripura, was his father and his mother was Raj Kumari Nirmala Devi, the royal princess of Manipur. SD Burman started working as a radio singer on Calcutta Radio Station in the late ’20s before commencing his musical journey in 1937 by composing songs for Bengali films.

    In 1944, Burman moved to Mumbai, at the request of Sasadhar Mukherjee of Filmistan.  Mukherjee wanted Burman to score music for two films of superstar Ashok Kumar – ‘Shikari’ (1946) and ‘Aath Din’. Burman achieved success and recognition with ‘Do Bhai’ (1947). The song ‘Mera Sundar Sapna Beet Gaya’, which was rendered in the voice of Geeta Dutt, was his breakthrough song. The overnight success of the movie catapulted Burman to the peak of fame. Within no time, he emerged as the leading music composers in the industry.

    S D Burman embellished more than 100 films in Hindi and Bengali with his excellent music. His songs have been sung by all the established singers of the period including Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Geeta Dutt, Shamshad Begum, Mohammed Rafi, Manna Dey, Kishore Kumar, Hemant Kumar, Mukesh and Talat Mahmood.

    TRIVIA: Renowned music composer Rahul Dev Burman, better known as R D Burman, is the son of S D Burman.

    7.Kiran Rao

    7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Hail From Royal Families

    Besides being wife of Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao is a distinguished film producer, screenwriter and filmmaker. She was born into a royal family of Telangana on 7 November 1973. Her grandfather J. Rameshwar Rao was Raja of Wanaparthy, Telangana state. Though Rao was born in Telangana, she was raised in Kolkata where she completed her schooling. In the year of 1992, her parents decided to leave Kolkata so she moved to Mumbai and did her graduation from the prestigious Sophia College for Women in 1995. Quite studious since birth, Rao enrolled for the Social Communications Media course at the Sophia Polytechnic for two months, but then quit and left for Delhi to do Masters at AJK Mass Communication Research Center at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. After completing the course, she moved back to Mumbai and started working in films as an assistant director.

    Rao’s first movie as an assistant director was the godsmakingly epic ‘Lagaan’ (2001) directed by the renowned filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker. It was during the shoot of this film where she met her future husband Aamir Khan for the first time. After ‘Lagaan’, she assisted Mira Nair on ‘Monsoon Wedding’ (2001) and Shaad Ali on ‘Saathiya’ (2002). She assisted Ashutosh again on ‘Swades: We, the People’, starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead. After gaining moviemaking experience by assisting renowned filmmakers like ‘Ashutosh Gowariker’ and Mira Nair, Kiran Rao made her directorial debut with the film ‘Dhobi Ghat’ (2011), which was produced by Aamir Khan under his banner Aamir Khan Productions.

    TRIVIA: Kiran Rao and actress Aditi Rao Hydari are first cousins.

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    How can one take care of the breasts to keep them healthy

    Healthy, firm and well-shaped breasts are the dream of every woman. A lot has to be done to take good care of the female breasts as they are one of the most tender parts of the body. Even though there is much awareness about how to keep good care of breasts, women have become negligent in respect of the same. Taking hot water bath squeezes the skin near the breast and wearing ill-fitted inner wear contributes in deteriorating the shape and size of the breast.

    What are the healthy habits to take care of the breasts?

    Adopting unhealthy lifestyle contribute in making your body parts worse than before. There are a number of ways in which women can take good care of their breast.

    One must ensure a good and highly nutritious diet. Start including lentils, soy products and whole grains in your diet. They contain enough fibre and are also good to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

    Start taking up some physical activity. Swimming and basketball are the two physical activity that helps to tighten the tissues of the breast. Besides this, one can join aerobics and also start practising Yoga to get the firm breasts.

    Avoid consumption of caffeine as much as you can. You can instead switch to green tea. Green tea will not only help to reduce weight but it will help to bring the glow back to your skin.

    Avoid smoking as much as you can. It accelerates the signs of ageing. Smoking leads to the breakdown of elastin of the body which leads to saggy and baggy breast appearance.

    Try to incorporate more citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, berries etc. in your diet. Rich in vitamin A, E and C, consumption of these fruits prevent sagging of breasts.

    One must remain alert to the changes that your breast undergo. Any kind of lump formation should be addressed to the doctor. Lumps are the early signs of cancer. Though not every lump suggests cancer, it may be because of the hormonal changes. But one should not take anything for granted.

    Try to avoid breast implants until they are very necessary. Make sure you undergo good implantation as it may prove dangerous in future.

    Wash your inner wear daily and make sure they are appropriate to the size of your breasts.

    Make sure the size of your cups matches to the size of your breasts.

    Massage your nipples daily to avoid the appearance of any kind of lumps in the breast area.
    It is advisable for every woman to visit a gynecologist as soon as they reach their 40 or reaches the stage of Menopause

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    ये हैं दुनिया की 10 सबसे खूबसूरत महिलाएं, 2017 की लिस्ट में एक इंडियन

    ये हैं दुनिया की 10 सबसे खूबसूरत महिलाएं, 2017 की लिस्ट में एक इंडियन
    वैसे खूबसूरती को एक शब्द me बताना तो थोड़ा कठिन हो सकता हैं क्यूंकि हर कोई खूबसूरती को अपनी अलग अलग नजरो से देखा करता हैं ,पर इसके बावजूद बह दुनिया में खूबसूरती को लेकर काफी सारे कॉम्पिटिशन होते रहते हैं लेकिन कुछ ऐसे भी खूबसूरत लोग हुआ करती हैं जिनके खूबसूरती को पूरी दुनिया सरहा करती हैं ।

    तो आज हम आप को दुनिया की ऐसी हैं 10 खूबसूरत महिलाओ की तस्वीरें दिखने जा रहे हैं जिन्हे 2017 में सबसे खूबसूरत मना गया हैं | बता की इस लिस्ट में एक इंडियन महिला भी शामिल हैं ।

    10.Alexandra Daddario
    ये हैं दुनिया की 10 सबसे खूबसूरत महिलाएं, 2017 की लिस्ट में एक इंडियन
    9.Sasha Lane
    ये हैं दुनिया की 10 सबसे खूबसूरत महिलाएं, 2017 की लिस्ट में एक इंडियन

    8.Hannah Jeter
    ये हैं दुनिया की 10 सबसे खूबसूरत महिलाएं, 2017 की लिस्ट में एक इंडियन

    7.Priyanka Chopra

    ये हैं दुनिया की 10 सबसे खूबसूरत महिलाएं, 2017 की लिस्ट में एक इंडियन

    6.Ana de Armas
    ये हैं दुनिया की 10 सबसे खूबसूरत महिलाएं, 2017 की लिस्ट में एक इंडियन

    5.Hailey Clauson
    ये हैं दुनिया की 10 सबसे खूबसूरत महिलाएं, 2017 की लिस्ट में एक इंडियन

    4.Selena Gomez
    ये हैं दुनिया की 10 सबसे खूबसूरत महिलाएं, 2017 की लिस्ट में एक इंडियन

    3.Kendall Jenner
    ये हैं दुनिया की 10 सबसे खूबसूरत महिलाएं, 2017 की लिस्ट में एक इंडियन

    2.Gigi Paris
    ये हैं दुनिया की 10 सबसे खूबसूरत महिलाएं, 2017 की लिस्ट में एक इंडियन

    1.Alessandra Ambrosio
    ये हैं दुनिया की 10 सबसे खूबसूरत महिलाएं, 2017 की लिस्ट में एक इंडियन

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