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Actors in India who can actually act!

Acting is one of the hardest things to do and deal with. Its a lot easier to be a movie star than being an actor. An actor is a specialized type of performer who portrays a character on screen or stage. Actors are broadly classified into 3 types’ theater actors, film actors and television actors. One has to learn specific skills and techniques to sustain themselves as an actor in the film industry. The toughest challenge of any film actor is to create a believable character, act and convince the audience. Love for the craft of acting is one of the primary reasons for an actor to pursue it as a career. Any one can be an actor in India but being a successful actor is another thing altogether. For those who wants to take up acting as a career must understand that the job of an actor is way more than fame or money. Due to the diversity in India, movies are made in different languages and regions. Most people think of Hollywood actors as superior talents who can perform better than Indian actors. I disagree. Here is the list of Indian acting talents who can perform better than most foreign actors at any level.


List of talented Indian actors


Naseeruddin Shah

Source: mensxp

When everyone was more drawn towards commercial cinema, he found comfortable in making subtle roles. This is what separates him from the awful pack. Shah had given performances in theaters and directed plays which are not done by many others. He had a privilege to share screen space with one of the Hollywood heavyweights Sean Connery in the movie “The League if Extraordinary Gentlemen”. His long list of critically acclaimed movies includes Sparsh, Paar, Iqbal, A Wednesday, The Dirty Picture and so on.  For those who love true cinema, he is such a treat to watch. There is nothing left for him to prove and considered to be one of the pioneers of Indian cinema.

Shah’s advice to young actors: I emphasize on the fact that there is no concept like underacting or overacting — there is truth and [there is] falseness.


Kamal Hassan

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Kamal is also known as Ulaga Nayagan (Hero of the world) in Tamil Nadu and considered to be one of the leading method artist in Indian cinema. Kamal has played multiple roles in the field of film making and his aspirations to become a director helped him to achieve great heights in Indian film industry.  Kamal’s desire to perform and ability to handle criticism is what makes him the finest actor ever. He never discriminated the type of roles that he played and so far, he has won 4 national awards. His career had a perfect balance of doing meaningful cinema and commercial movies. He single handedly enriched Tamil cinema. Each and every role played by him had different mannerisms and body languages. He had done both commercial and artistic films which made him one of the elites of Indian cinema. He is the man with many faces and always be the parameter when it comes to method acting.



Source: manoramaonline

Mohanlal better known as the complete actor is one of the leading actors in Malayalam film industry. He is highly different even when he is playing similar roles. Mohanlal has an ability to make audience feel his raw emotions. Cine lovers have always looked at this actor with great admiration. He is known to be one of the most dominant personalities in southern cinema. He is not just a versatile actor but also have an ability to deliver block busters. First Indian actor to win 5 national awards surpassing Kamal and Amitabh. Throughout his career he had worked so hard to improve his acting skills.


Nawazuddhin Siddique

Source: actionland

He deserves more credit than most of the current generation actors. His performance in Gangs of Wasseypur is one of the finest that I have seen so far in Indian cinema. His willingness to try new things is what differentiates from other current generation actors. It is always an immense pleasure to see him on screen performing characters like no other. Loved by critics all over the world, Nawazuddhin takes his roles extremely serious. To me he is probably the most talented actor that Bollywood had ever seen.


Manoj Bajpayee

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Manoj is one of the finest performers in Indian cinema. His role as Professor Siras in the movie Aligarh is one of the boldest performances that I have ever seen. Being a perfectionist he makes sure every single detail of a character while playing it. Manoj Bajpayee also brings the most honest and purest fictional peoples to life. He is an actor who I can imagine playing any role.


Indian cinema has produced many talented actors like Randeep Hooda, Rajkumar Rao, Irfan Khan, Boman Hirani, Nana Patekar etc…. who deserves more credit than the Khan’s & Kapoor’s of India.

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