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Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa: Everything that you should know

You must have heard about the Amazon Alexa which has been in the news recently. It is the artificial Intelligence software, similar to that of Google Assistant. This software uses artificial intelligence and neural network to make your job easy.

Amazon Echo comes with an inbuilt assistant which is known as Alexa. She can help you with sports updates, play you your favorite music, read your books, and even help with your shopping on Amazon. You can think Alexa as the operating system upon which all the developers can build their apps for a different purpose. There are many fascinating tasks that Alexa can perform for you. Let’s see some of the cool features of Amazon Alexa.


Amazon Alexa


  • Alexa for sports update

You can also use Amazon Alexa to get instant notification about your favorite sports. You can get this task by simply asking for the sports update. You can also personalize your sports so that Alexa can automatically keep track of the latest development in the field of sports that you are interested in.


  • Add another user

One of the cool features of Alexa is that it allows you to add multiple users. This is the perfect option for couples as you can easily share your shopping list, audio books and much more with your partner.

Amazon Alexa


  • Traffic updates

One of the common problems that we face is the traffic jam. Alexa can help you avoid these jams by giving you the real-time traffic updates. This will allow you to plan your journey accordingly. It will also tell you the best possible route so that you can reach your destination in short span of time.


  • Syncing your calendar

You can also sync your calendar with Alexa. Alexa will help you remember the important dates like your friend’s birthday, doctor’s appointment. This will help you keep track of all the necessary activities and that too without setting any reminder on your phone.


  • Shop on Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest online shopping places. You can use Alexa to buy things from Amazon. The best thing about this is that there are no ads, no upsell. So, you can just ask Alexa to order the things for you instead of going to your PC or smartphone to order the things manually.

Amazon Alexa


  • To-do list

You can manage your to-do list and that too with the voice interaction. So, you don’t need pen and paper or even your smartphone to note down something important. You can just ask Alexa to note down and then it will remind you of that when the time comes.

These were some of the cool features of Amazon’s Alexa. It is like having one personal assistant who does all the task for you. So, if you want to make your life comfortable then there cannot be a better way than getting your hands on one of the devices.










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