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Attitude Era – The best years of pro wrestling

The basic concept of wrestling is two individuals competing in a physical combat. But the idea of pro wrestling is different from actual wrestling. Pro wrestling is a form of entertainment which has a combination of both athletics and theatrical performance. The form of professional wrestling is classified as an entertainment and not as a competitive sport. The wrestling moves are choreographed and the plots are pre planned. Wrestlers are not trying to hurt or injure each other but accidental injuries are unavoidable. In many cases, the skills of a wrestler won’t determine the outcome of the match. Who wins and who loses is all scripted based on viewership. Most pro wrestlers are freakishly athletic who train many hours to maintain their physicality. Attitude era is the golden age of creativity in pro wrestling which is being missed so badly.

The attitude era was very fast and dirty which produced some of the memorable moments in the history of pro wrestling. Back then WWF promoted a hardcore style of wrestling which seemed completely insane. Calling a wrestling match fake is just like calling an action movie fake. The characters portrayed by these wrestlers are generally not true in real life. WWF produced some of the compelling matches I as a kid has ever seen. This era has produced some of the most iconic characters to ever step into the wrestling ring.


Wrestlers of Attitude Era


Stone Cold Steve Austin

attitude era
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Austin always speaks his mind and takes charge of the situation which is the very essence of attitude era. Everything that he does is so entertaining which he managed to prove throughout his entire career. He made up a personality which is very hard to imitate by others. He deserves to be the best wrestler of attitude era and possibly the best wrestler of all time. His truly brilliant attitude summed up the era to perfection. When you think of attitude era you must think of Austin and he could work the crowd like nobody else at that time.

Stone Cold: “You can talk about your Psalms and your John 3:16. Well, Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass.”


The Rock

attitude era
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Rock is the most electrifying man in all of entertainment. Almost everything that he did was so memorable which made him famous around the world. He is the most influential in ring performer of not just attitude era but any era. He had some best moves like the iconic rock bottom and the people’s elbow which still continues to raise people off their seats and scream Rocky! Rocky! Later, he went on to become the biggest Hollywood star and the most profitable actor of his generation. After all, he is the most entertaining man to watch both inside and outside the ring.

The Rock: “If you smell what The Rock is cooking”.



attitude era
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He is one of the biggest drawing stars of this era and in my opinion the one who defined it. Triple H is more than capable of drawing plenty of heat from the crowd. This hugely pivotal figure in the history of WWE is married to Stephanie, who is the daughter of Mr. McMahon. His rivalry with The Rock has produced some of the best moments ever. He is one of the important wrestlers to compete in the attitude era.


Shawn Michael’s – The Show Stopper

attitude era
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Heart Break Kid is a big time performer with full of charisma and character. He’s unbelievably exciting to watch which earned him the nickname Mr. Wrestle-mania. Even though he’s not built to be a wrestler he is considered to be the most gifted entertainers of all time. He was inducted into the WWE hall of fame in the year 2011. He had something special about him and his abilities surpassed most of the people stepped into the ring during his time. He and his friend formed a group (D – Generation X) which broke barriers when it comes to drawing reactions from the crowd.


The Undertaker – American Bad-ass

attitude era
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He has accomplished more than anyone in the history of pro wrestling. I’m a great fan of biker undertaker and probably one of my favorite characters during the attitude era. Taker roaring to the ring in motorcycle to the tune of Limp Bizkit is not the type of entrance you would see very often. I guess, this particular character was more true to who he really was. His contribution for the development of pro wrestling is truly inspiring. He has involved in some of the most controversial moments in the attitude era.


With the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle etc…. pro wrestling during attitude era was far more entertaining than what we see these days.


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