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Product Review – Avon Naturals Lip Balm

The skin present on our lips is quite thin. Needless to say, we need to provide them with added moisture. Our lips are susceptible to many [problems like dryness, pigmentation and even dark spots. But unlike for the face, you do not need to invest in too many different products for your lips to look healthy. A good lip balm shall suffice. But finding one, is a challenge in itself!

Here is the review of Avon naturals lip balms (strawberry and cherry)

What are the brand claims?

  • Provides 24 hours moisturization on lips with sun protection in strawberry flavor, light weight, easy to apply.
  • 24 hours lip moisturization with SPF protection.
  • Lip moisture, Lip care, moisturisation, lip protection, natural, strawberry lip balm.
  • Protects from sun, gives pleasant flavour of strawberry.

What is the price?

The lip balms retail for INR 199 each but you can easily find them on a discount on several websites. You will usually get it for INR 149

Where to buy?

Since Avon is not advertised too much and its products are not sold out in drugstores, you will have to get these lip balms from the Avon consultants. You can find them on beauty websites as well but you may not get the authentic product.

Experience with Avon lip balms

  • The lips balms are extremely hydrating. You can use the lip balm for overnight moisturisation or apply it throughout the day.
  • It helps to get rid of pigmentation on the lips as well. It will be able to heal dry and chapped lips in one single use.
  • The lip balms have a slight tint to them. The strawberry variant has a glossy red colour while the cherry one has a dark red tint. The colours are not too bright like the Maybelline ones.
  • Avon lip balms can totally survive the heat. Maybelline lip balms tend to get rancid and start smelling if placed in the heat. This especially becomes a problem when you want to keep the lip balm in the bag and you might be under the sun. But Avon lip balms will put forth no such problem.
  • They are fragrant and taste good too. In fact their fragrance tends to linger.
  • The packaging is travel friendly.
  • The lip balms will last you a very long time.


Any cons?

None at all!

Will i repurchase?

all the time!

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