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Did you know that Cleopatra, one of the most beautiful ancient seductress made use of 7 beauty oils to keep herself looking like a goddess? In modern times as well, oils are used to enhance natural beauty which you can’t wipe away with a makeup removal wipe!

Here are a few beauty oils which you can include in your skin care or hair care regime:

Grape seed oil


Grape seed oil is usually a by-product of wine making. It is obtained from grape seeds which are pressed enough to release the juice first and then the oil. This oil is rich in C and E. it is very light on the skin and is therefore extremely beneficial for oily skin. It won’t cause any breakouts and can help to reduce pigmentation as well as dullness. You can apply a few drops of cold pressed grape seed oil on your face and leave it overnight.


Rosehip oil


Rosehip oil is a very popular one used widely to achieve flawless and younger looking skin. The main reason behind this is that rosehip oil increases cell regeneration and deeply hydrates the skin to prevent wrinkles from appearing. It eliminates dullness and makes the skin look much healthier after consistent use. It also has high levels of anti-oxidants which are very beneficial for the skin.


Pomegranate oil


This is a lesser known oil which can do wonders for your skin as well as your hair. Pomegranate oil can be used by any skin type as it does not lead to clogged pores. It fights acne as well because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Not only does it nourish the skin, but also helps to nourish he scalp. When applied onto the hair, it will make your hair shiny and soft.


Coconut oil


There are multiple uses of coconut oil. It is a very common thing to be found in Indian households as well. While many people use it for cooking, it can also be used externally to achieve hydrated skin. However, it is very important to note that coconut oil will not be suitable for ones with oily skin type. It is amazing for extremely dry skin but can also clog the pores when used on oily skin. It is rich in minerals and vitamin E. it also helps to fight dandruff and skin infections.


Jojoba oil


This oil has been used by many to help with excess oil production on the skin. The reason behind this is that when applied onto the skin, it mimics the natural skin sebum and tricks the body into not producing much of its own. This way, over time, the glands begin to produce less oil and the skin gets naturally balanced. It can also be used on the lips or on the hair for deep conditioning.

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