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Body Art Tattoos – What are the pros & cons?


Tattoo, just like a wish or a dream people had of making one but too scared to have one. Not only afraid of the process that as well as of the society to as to how will they react if you got a tattoo. The tattoo is one of the most wanted or a trendy thing everyone wishes to have at least once. They were mainly started by Egyptians in the late 2000 BC and however gained a lot of popularity. Tahitians is that word from where tattoo came or emerged. The tattoo is considered to be a story itself, the story of one’s life, their beliefs, and their love. Tattoos are made to generally portray one’s belonging and it can be placed on one part of the body or either on the whole body. There is this stigma that is attached to a tattoo have taken huge dive these days as it symbolizes a transformation and accurately means marking. In tribal cultures where people used to make tattoos would usually symbolize their tribe.


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Body Art – Tattoo

Just like any other process or procedure of the body that requires body marking and incisions, tattoos too have many advantages and disadvantages .i.e. pros and cons. But however, disadvantages are more in number than advantages as they are more actual.




  • As mentioned tattoos are basic form of self-expression. Every tattoo on the body symbolizes the statement of one’s joy, freedom, and belief that cannot be defined in words. Be it a version of uniqueness or a harmony in a belief structure.


  • According to the majority of people, a body is like a blank canvas and it needs to be painted because it marks different phases of one’s life and enhancement.


  • If you’ve decided to make it a permanent part of your life then it is the best decision you’ve ever made because tattoo is the only thing in the world that’ll never leave you be it an event, date or a person there’s nothing like a tattoo can do to make a memory on a permanent basis.


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  • The first and foremost worry will always be that of the health risks that are caused because of tattoos as everybody is concerned about their health. There are chances for infections and transmittable diseases to spread through this medium because of the most outfits use sterilized needles that are required to maintain cleanliness standards generally.


  • It’s important to check whether the ink that is used is not allergic to anyone because it is a chemical that is permanently going too added on your skin and there are chances that some people might be allergic to it.


  • You need to hire a good tattoo artist if you’re planning to make a tattoo as he/she will do it right and also perfectly without any mistakes because they’re the most experienced ones.


  • Before making a tattoo make sure you decide what you have to make it and don’t make something that you will regret later on. For instance, your partner’s name as it has happened to many people including celebrities before and assure that, you don’t repeat the same mistake again unless you’re 100% sure about it.


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Tattoos are indeed a good choice to make but before that, make sure you are well informed about the pros and cons it has. Here are few celebrities that indeed had and have tattoos. Some of them are, Angelina Jolie, Ami Jackson, Johnny Depp, David Beckham, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and much more.

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