Broken Heart – Just hang in there!

Our heart is more delicate and brittle than we can ever imagine. With every little overwhelming incident, a crack appears on our heart. The tightening feeling you get in your chest when you see the person you love laughing in someone else’s arms, when relationships get destroyed due to distance, during the death of our close ones or due to best friend break up; is nothing but the feeling of our heart being ripped apart and shattering into tiny pieces which is beyond repair.




It becomes so weak that you are forced to build walls higher than the highest citadel to protect it. At that time all you want to do is to catastrophe your heart to stop the pain altogether.




But you know what, just hang in there because very soon, someone is going to enter your life who is going to jump through the walls that you’ve built no matter how high they are and will help you to break them. And instead of gluing together the shattered pieces, that ‘someone’ will help you to make new memories so that the past cannot haunt you.




Now the ‘someone’ can be anyone; a lover, a family member, a friend or even a tiny puppy. But that someone will come with happiness and hope and very soon your heart will be fresh and new shining like the brightest diamond.

Shweta Shah

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