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  • Lord Krishna
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    6 Lessons to Learn From Lord Krishna’s Life

    Lord Krishna is considered as the supreme deity by many Hindu communities. During Lord Vishnu’s avatar as Lord Krishna, he gave numerous lessons to the mankind. People who are struggling should learn a few lessons from this mythological hero on how to be perfect. Here are some amazing qualities which we gathered from the illustrious […] More

  • Traveling alone by a day dreamer
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    Traveling alone by a day dreamer

    The day was Monday. I was returning from a work trip. I was hauling many disappointments from that trip. Had some fights with my girl too. Burnt in the fallouts of my misfortune’s fire. I was in an agony of what my life is worth to live and fight with the situation. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle […] More

  • girl-story
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    Short Suspense Thriller

    There was a young girl named Priya. She was playing in her bedroom when she heard her mom’s voice, calling her from the Kitchen. She immediately raced downstairs. “Priya come here. I have something that I want to ask you,” her mother said. “What is it?” Asked Priya. “Do you know who are the caked […] More

  • Smartphone-Photography


    Photography is an art; every shot you take is unique in its own way. Clicks represent the perception of the photographer it depends on you how and what you see in the object. A single object can view in many ways by different people. So in order to improve your photography skills, you should also […] More

  • the-worthy-task


    THE WORTHY TASK – A STORY “I intend to marry a man who is witty and smart and not any wild presumptuous insect!” Rosalie exclaimed, “I will not allow you to marry me off to some far off prince charming to whom I am not even acquainted with. Rumors claim that he is disrespectful and is […] More

  • runaway - a story


    ‘So kids where do you want to go now?’ I ask craning my neck to look at my children who are seated on the rear seat of the new car.  ‘First to the Temple and then at the mall.’ My 15-year old daughter replies. My 12-year old son nods in agreement. I smile. I look at […] More