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    Mobiles Feasting On Human Minds Since 90’S

    The modes of communications have improved and humanity has witnessed a paradigm shift. The evolution of communication instruments has not only eased the process of communication but also influenced the lifestyle of the homo sapiens. Standing in this current century, Cellphone is no more a well-to-do’s bit of cake. The developing rivalry in portable makers […] More

  • Amazon Alexa
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    Amazon Alexa: Everything that you should know

    You must have heard about the Amazon Alexa which has been in the news recently. It is the artificial Intelligence software, similar to that of Google Assistant. This software uses artificial intelligence and neural network to make your job easy. Amazon Echo comes with an inbuilt assistant which is known as Alexa. She can help […] More

  • Surveillance
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    Surveillance – SHH! THEY ARE WATCHING YOU

    What is all about surveillance? If one seeks to elucidate the concept of surveillance and cyber threat and all the related paradigms briefly then there can be a rise of confusion, it can be obscure but it will pop up. On general terms surveillance speaks of monitoring of the behavior, activities, or other changing information, […] More

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    7 best Advantages of Web Development

    7 best Advantages of Web Development—– Hello Everyone in this article we learn Advantages of Web Development- Web Development Technology converts, the space to use it artistically to execute strategies is now bigger. They now focus on appealing the customers by enhancing communication, by using both one to one basis and also by using mass digital marketing […] More

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    How to give an interesting presentation?

    give an interesting presentation– Have you ever felt nervous before giving any presentation? We all remember us sweating before an important presentation. Everyone must have given the presentation at one or other point of life be it at school or at any meeting in the office. But, do you know why giving the presentation is […] More

  • VPN
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    best free unlimited vpn for android

    Top VPN apps for android users– The Internet, as fascinating and interesting it may sound, can be a dangerous tool. In the recent times, a number of illegal and unethical activities have increased a lot. You must have heard about the recent Ransom-ware attack that took the internet world by storm. According to a research, […] More

  • Baidu
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    NVIDIA joins hand with Baidu to work on AI for autonomous cars, cloud storage, and home  

      NVIDIA is the latest company to join hands with Baidu for the self-driving car technology. Baidu has already invested a lot in the Apollo self-driving cars. The Chinese search giant aims at posting the program as an open source platform so that other car manufacturers can use this technology in their products. The company […] More

  • PAIR
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    Google to link AI and human more with its PAIR project

      Google has launched the new project which is known as PAIR. This project aims at improving the interaction between human and the artificial intelligence. The name PAIR also signifies that “People + AI Research Initiative”. Artificial Intelligence The term artificial intelligence is self-explanatory. As the name suggests, it’s the intelligence that is not natural […] More

  • Sticky AI
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    Prisma launches new app called Sticky AI to turn your selfies into sticker

    You must have used Prisma which is one of the popular photo editing software. This app really made its mark especially last year where almost everyone was posting their photo using Prisma. Have you tried to analyze why Prisma created such a great impression among people? There were many photo editing app available prior to […] More

  • Bixby
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    Samsung to build Bixby to take on Amazon and Google

    You must have heard about Google Assistant and Amazon latest technology called Amazon Echo. If you have not, then these things are nothing but a software developed using the artificial intelligence technology. The popularity of AI has been on rising for quite some time now. All the big companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook […] More

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    Attention in Long Short-term Memory Recurrent Neural Network

    Developers use encoder-decoder architecture as it has demonstrated state of the art result across the range of domains. But one of the limitations of the architecture is that it encodes the input sequence to a fixed length internal representation. This imposes the limit on the input sequence which can result in worse performance for the […] More

  • machine learning
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    6 ways to handle large data for machine learning

    The machine learning is the current trending technology. All the big tech giant companies are using machine learning to enhance the services offered to the users. For example, whenever we browse shopping websites like Amazon or Flipkart, it shows us the recommended products. These recommended products are on the basis of our past browsing history […] More

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