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Cruelty against animals

Cruelty against animals – Man throws his puppy

Cases against animal cruelty are increasing day by day.

Here’s another case where a man, Phillip Maxwell residing in Sector 42 of Gurgaon threw his dog off the balcony as a revenge. The puppy is merely four months old, she had chewed the DTH cable wires and accidentally pushed the laptop outside.

Puppy flung off Gurgaon blacony

A neighbor, Arvind Kumar, an IT professional and resident of HUDA, M-Block, sector 42 in Gurugram (a parent of German Shepherd) heard some cries from the bushes and went to examine it. He found the puppy who was couldn’t move and was extremely scared.

Arvind went and confronted the owner about it, but he arrogantly shooed him away. The four-month-old puppy suffered a fracture on her right foreleg. She was brought by the owner’s wife and their neighbour to the CGS Pet Hospital in Gurugram. The canine will undergo surgery to heal the broken bone soon.

In an interview with Mail Today, he said, “It was around 11 pm. I was doing my laundry in the backyard when I heard a sharp cry from a dog. When I came down to check, I saw the fearful puppy limping and hiding in the bushes.”

Dora Maxwell, wife of the culprit gave a written confession and told the Mail Today “Generally, we love her, but that day, it really damaged the whole laptop, chewed up wires and everything. My husband got angry and flung it.”

Arvind was going to file an FIR against Maxwell.

Image result for dog dragged in chennai

According to experts, the cases against animal cruelty have been rising. In July last year, two medical students – Gautam Sudarshan and Ashish Paul – flung a stray from their private college terrace in Chennai while holding her just by the ear and skin.(indiatoday)

Similarly, a psychopath, Nakul Mishra, was found stabbing dogs to death at the Green Park Metro Station in Delhi, and an unemployed Dwarka resident chopped off the hind legs of a puppy with a hacksaw when it scratched him in December 2016.(indiatoday)

Image result for man stabbing dogs in delhi metro

Many non profit organizations have tried voice their opinions on the punishment against this as one can get a Rs 50 bail and get freed.

Kamna Pandey is a former co-opted member of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), based in Lucknow who said, “We tried very hard to get the ‘Animal Welfare Bill’ passed in Parliament last year.

We also got letters of support signed by celebrities like actor Soha Ali Khan and MPs like Meenakshi Lekhi and Poonam Mahajan. But it got lost under the weight of heavy duty finance and political bills. After all, animals don’t vote, so they don’t deserve political sympathy.”

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