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How to deal with an oily scalp?

Oily scalp can be quite a pain. If your hair turn greasy just 1 day after it, then you probably have an oily scalp. Oily scalp also attracts more dust and dirt making the hair look dirty. Oily scalp can also weigh down your hair and make your hair lose their natural volume. Not to mention, you have to keep washing your hair every other day and style them constantly if you suffer from frizz.

Here are a few simple ways to manage an oily scalp and make it work for you!


Switch to sulfate free hair products


Source: beautebyhmf


Hair products (shampoos and conditioners) containing sulfate are quite harsh on the hair. They remove all the natural oils and as a result, the follicles and glands produce more oils to compensate for the loss of moisture. Sulfate free shampoos are mild and clean your hair gently without drying the scalp out.


Don’t apply conditioner on the scalp

You must have heard this many times. It is also, true! You may use a conditioner lightly on the scalp if you want but don’t massage it into the scalp. This will only make your hair feel limp and greasy.


Use baking soda once a week


Source: s.doctoroz


To remove all the product build up from your hair, use baking soda with your shampoo. Simply add ½ teaspoon of it to your shampoo and apply onto your hair normally. Massage the scalp well. Baking soda will also help to balance out the pH of your scalp and reduce problems like itching and scalp odour.


Make dry shampoo your friend

If you do not want to go through the trouble of washing your hair very frequently, then invest in a good dry shampoo. If you have brown hair, then take a tinted dry shampoo. Use it whenever you feel your hair are turning heavy or greasy. The dry shampoo will help to absorbed all the excess oils and make your hair look fresh. When using a dry shampoo frequently, make sure you clean your hair thoroughly as well.


Use wet wipes


Source: Capes Medical


This one is a last minute hack. If you do not have dry shampoo or need to freshen up your hair immediately then just grab a wet tissue and use it to clean your scalp and the hair at the roots. The wetness will evaporate very quickly but your hair will be cleaner and slightly lifted.

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