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Our bodies have a hard time fighting fever. Fever due to certain pathogens or germs tend to deplete the natural energy of the body and reduce the strength. Hence when a fever begins to finally go away, we may feel very worn out and extremely lethargic. This is normal. However, to get back up, you can do several things.

Here are a few simple tips to deal with post fever weakness.

Start having more water.

To fight the germs present in the body, you must have taken medicines and tonics. This leads to the accumulation of several toxins in the body which are unable to exit our system due to the fever. Having more water will definitely help to get those toxins out of the body. Fever often leaves the body dehydrated. Add some oral re hydration salt to your water and you will find your energy returning. Coconut water is also a very good electrolyte source.

Have a probiotic rich diet

Probiotics are extremely important for the gut. Our digestive system falls very weak while fighting the fever. Probiotics, which are the good bacteria, help to crowd out the bad bacteria and heal the gut from within. this helps us digest our food better and increase the appetite so that your body can replenish itself as soon as possible.

Clean your surroundings

Once you have started healing, make sure your surroundings are clean as well. Get some sunshine and air into the room. Keep the area around you well ventilated. Also, make sure you have sanitized all the things you used when you were sick. Don’t forget to change the bed sheets and pillow covers.

Get some shuteye!

Sleep and sleep! Rest is very important for the body. Get a good 8 hour sleep and you will feel much refreshed. Cut down on caffeine and other fizzy drinks as they might dehydrate the body and interfere with your sleep.

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