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Don’t let depression get on your way!

Depression. The word itself looks so gloomy. Have you wondered how it feels when someone suffers from it? It is quite obvious that many of us are actually suffering from this disorder which silently kills us. In a recent data, it is proved that India scores high in the number of depressed population. But this is not something to lose to as we can always demolish things that are breaking us. So how do we fight it?

The ways are simple but one needs to have a stable mental power to fight it.

Don’t over think- This is the root of depression. What if I don’t get the job? What if he/she doesn’t like me? What if I will not be successful? Over thinking is only going to worsen your condition.

Chase your passion- It is the right time to do something you love doing. This will not only lighten the mood but also keep your mind away from all the bad thoughts.

Set goals- It is a shoddy phase where you feel like a loser. Setting goals to complete your desired tasks will benefit you. Just sit with a pen and paper and write what you want to achieve. Make sure that you pin or paste that piece of paper where you can see it daily.

Indulge in Yoga- This will for sure calm your mind and help you focus on your goal. Do it after you wake up on a regular manner. Also, meditate before you go to sleep. This will give you a good night sleep.

Don’t starve- It is very common to lose appetite during this period. But never punish your stomach for the state of your mind. Eat timely as this will keep your health intact.

If you are currently going through this painful phase, then don’t lose hope and follow these steps. It will definitely guide you towards a complete cure.

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