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What Are Dreadlocks? It’s Maintenance and Tips

Dreadlocks? Damn. You might be aware of the fact that dreadlocks are still surviving and will continue to survive for thousands of years or more. It has to survive because it is considered to be the coolest hairstyle even now. Confused with the term dreadlocks? Well, when you get your hair matted all together, rope-like clumps are formed and these clumps are known as dreadlocks. However, Dreadlocks are considered to be prehistorically associated with the ancient Greek, Senegalese, Aztec, and Buddhist and Rastafarian cultures. But, now this hair style is mainly followed by African culture and dreadlocks hairstyle have even become their identity. Therefore, there are still some people you might find in India or out of the country following this cool hairstyle.

If you want to know about Dread locking your hair then you have to completely neglect it by brushing, for going combing and cutting your hair altogether also known as neglecting method because it takes years for dreads to mature. But you need not worry about it because there are many alternative ways to dreadlocks your hair in the most uniform way and would also require less time. You can go for some of the methods like twisting, dread braiding and back-combing, this method is one of the most popular methods among others.

Here are some basic steps of how you can make dreadlocks


What do you need?

  • Dread Wax
  • Rubber bands
  • Blow dryer
  • Fine toothed comb
  • Residue-free shampoo
  • Sectioning clips


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Backcombing method:


  • The first and foremost step is to wash your hair completely before you dread to lock your hair and that too with a good residue free shampoo as this shampoo will help your hair in removing the grease and all the dirt that is in your hair and also make sure that it doesn’t leave any residue of its own like that of a normal shampoo.


  • The second step is to blow dry your hair from up to down and from a right side to left side, blow dry from every direction to get as much volume you usually can get into your hair. You have to even make sure that there should not be any single strand of wet hair just before you start to dread to lock your hair.


  • The next step is to start dividing your hair, you need to part your hair horizontally and after sectioning your hair perceptively you can use sectioning clips to hold up your rest of the hair. From one corner of the sectioned hair pick up about an inch section of hair and continue doing it.


  • Now it’s time to backcomb your hair from about an inch hair below your roots starts back combing towards your scalp. If you do it will form a knot that will be the base for your dread lock and continue backcombing in the same way till you reach the very end length of your hair.


  • After the backcombing process starts twisting the back combed section until it is formed into a tight cylindrical shape.


  • The next step is that rub a small amount of the wax that is dread in between your fingers and applies it to the length of your dread and continues to twist it. The main goal is to smooth down and bind the loose strands of hair altogether.


  • Repeat this procedure for all the layers until you have dread locked all of the hair.


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Dread braiding method


  • The first and foremost step is to wash your hair with a shampoo that is residue free in order to prevent grease and all the dirt from your hair.


  • The second step is that you should blow dry your hair and you can even simply let it air dry.


  • The next step is that pick up 1 inch by a 1 inch layer of hair at one time and you can then divide all your hair by tying them up with rubber bands at the roots.


  • After tying braid the entire individual layers of your hair so that it is secured at the end with the rubber bands.


  • The last step is to pick each braid and apply a bit of wax to it, roll it in between your palms until it forms dread locks and repeat all of the above steps including this step on all the braids or layers.

Twist & Rip Method


  • The first and foremost step is to divide all the hair into 1-inch layers and gently tie them up with rubber band


  • Next step is to wash your hair with a shampoo and make sure it is a residue free and then rub all your hair in only one direction either anti-clockwise or clockwise.


  • Dry your hair completely and naturally and make sure it’s all dried up


  • The last step is to rip apart each individual layer of hair and gently apply dread wax to it and twist or roll it in between your palms and make sure it forms a complete dread lock.


If you wish to remove your rubber bands you can eventually remove all the rubber bands from the dread locks about a month or so when you’re done with your dread locks and your hair really got a chance to lock and bind together.

Now you’ve had successfully dread locked your hair! But just before going further dreadlocks do require some maintenance to it by keeping them look fresh and clean.


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Here are some steps for the maintenance of dreadlocks


  • If you do wash your dreadlocks make sure you use a residue free shampoo.


  • You need to make sure that your dreadlocks should be completely dried up


  • While to maintain dreadlocks it’s important for you to do regular waxing and palm rolling


If you are now aware of the maintenance of your dreadlocks mentioned below are some of the tips that you can follow so that you can take care of your dreadlocks




  • It’s important to spray your scalp in order to avoid itchiness and to feel irritated as it would add moisture to your scalp and would also help in preventing irritation.


  • Dread balling is important because you find some of the loose strands that are coming out of your dreads then all you need to do is simply roll them and insert them into the nearest dreadlocks by using a crochet needle. To dread to lock your hair tightly palm roll the dread to lock it.


  • Dreadlocks are mainly delicate and can come off too fast and in order to prevent such things, it’s important if you sleep with a headscarf on as then your dreadlocks won’t pick up all sorts of lint or fuzz from the pillow and gently tie them up with a head scarf before going to sleep.


  • You can even use salt water spray as it works excellently in tightening the dreadlocks.


  • If you really wish to take care of your dreadlocks and you want to maintain the good health of it make sure you use natural hair products only.


Dread locking your hair is something which is a quite interesting thing and if you are now aware of how to make dreadlocks and how to maintain it so, go ahead and try out this amazing cool hairstyle.

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