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Reading books is a pleasure that majority of the luxury of. Earlier, if you mentioned books, you’d get a typical judgement or assumption of a person sitting somewhere holding an actual hard copy of a book, turning pages and enjoying oneself. Fast forward into the 21st Century and the whole perception changes. In the minds of the millennials at least, it does. The old school thinking has changed and multiple people are moving towards e-books, i.e, a book which can be read on an electrical device. Now, I have had the chance to talk to many of my friends and relatives who’s ages range from 18-60. As expected, on this topic, the views were diverse. While many preferred e-books, the arguments favoring paper books, still existed. Let’s have a look at what both of these have to offer and why one is better than the other.



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The classics never fade. Paper books are classic. One of the most attracting parts of reading books is the fact that I get to read books. That feeling of picking up a book filled with facts or stories gives the reader immense pleasure. Depending on the genre of the book, the utility of a paper book increases. For example, you find some exciting piece of information or you just find something out of the ordinary, you have the freedom to take a pen or a pencil and simply scribble any which way, anywhere you want in the book. One of the best things about owning a paper book is that once you finish reading it and you pick it up after many years and have a random read, the nostalgic feeling that it derives, is unparalleled. You reminisce the perceptions that you held when you read the book a long time ago and compare it with your current perceptions, things change a lot. Books are the best gift that you can give to a person. Whenever a birthday or an anniversary of a dear friend or relative pops up, I feel the urge to gift them a book. Also, if your paper book falls into the water, it can be dried off, huge bonus.



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E Books is my Nolan to your Hitchcock, it is my J.K Rowling to your Douglas Adams. E books have surged tremendously in the past few years or so. The biggest selling point of ebooks is the utility factor that it provides. For the price of 1 paper book, I can probably buy 2 ebooks. That is how economically efficient they are. Of course, if you want to get the pure e-book experience, you need to shell out quite some bucks but it is a capital expenditure. Spending too much time on your phones and tablets trying to read ebooks might prove to be counter productive in the long run. Apart from being cheap, another selling point about ebooks is that it is easily accessible and easy to carry. It is very difficult to carry many paper books while travelling as it might increase the load. But since ebooks have a virtual existence, they don’t cause you many troubles. Sharing the books has become much easier too. Thanks to cloud storage and syncing facility, getting ebooks on the go has become easier. E readers also have special lighting features which go easy on the eyes at night.



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Well, the usage and pleasure that one seeks from reading, is very subjective. It depends from person to person, situation to situation. For the person who travels a lot and likes to keep different books on the go, ebooks are preferred. For the person looking to carry a single book and likes the classic feel, paper book isĀ preferred. Either way, both ways of reading provide enough information and provide enough options to make reading all the more enjoyable. So it really is a win-win situation.