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Emotions and feelings are the essence of our lives. Our emotions are extremely personal to us and that is why they have so much control over our minds and behaviors. Although it is important to embrace our feelings, there are certain emotions that only keep us locked down.

But we cannot stop living and feeling, can we? So here is the thing. Be aware of your feelings, both positive and negative. Make active choices between the two. It is easy to transgress, but you can always chose to be the better person. Like you are above it all.


We all make mistakes. We may have hurt someone, or betrayed someone. But the important thing to understand is that the realisation of that betrayal is important. Once you have realised your mistake, apologise for it if possible and move on. Do not carry it around like a weight. Guilt solves nothing. Make a habit of judging your action, not yourself as a person.


It is alright to have second thoughts or to keep evaluating our decisions. But for some people it becomes a habit. Slowly it turns into the habit of self-doubt. Doubting yourself at every point can be like sabotaging yourself. You have to get rid of this feeling if you want to make some good decisions. Yes, they may not always be right. But as you go on and take responsibility for every choice, you will gain more confidence.


I know what you may have heard – revenge is a dish, best served cold! Doesn’t that sound savage! But take it from someone who has walked this path before, every time you seek revenge, you lose a part of yourself. It is like an accomplishment which comes with no happiness. Don’t get confused! If someone has wronged you, voice your feelings and opinions but do not allow yourself to waste your inner resources on someone who does not deserve it.

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