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We fear rejection and crave for attention

Fear of rejection is something which is very common in today’s world. Everyone is afraid of rejection because obviously nobody wants to get rejected right? Everybody here craves for attention but is afraid of rejection why? Once a person is rejected by someone then he/she lose self-confidence in them why is it so? It’s just a part of life and you need to know the fact that not everyone is meant to be in your life. Indeed, it’s true that people are afraid of rejection and instead do not try to overcome it as well. Rejection might hurt you a lot at times you might not feel good but everyone does get rejected but it totally depends upon you about how to overcome that fear and how to forget what’s hurting you.

Here are some of the short tips for you to overcome that fear of rejection you’re going through:


  • Share your opinion: This fear of rejection something makes you feel as if you are incapable of achieving something and this fear makes you unable to express your own opinions. Yes, you might feel at times you’re not capable of anything because you have got that fear but you need to overcome it by sharing and discussing your opinions with your friends and family and even strangers because sometimes by sharing your opinions you’re able to know yourself even more better.


  • Don’t depend upon other people’s feelings: It’s the fact that just because you faced rejection you depend more on other people’s opinions, feelings, thinking mindset etc. You might feel they would judge you, criticise you or might praise you, in fact, you’re indeed totally dependent. This means you don’t have control over yourself and this also means that your livelihood, happiness and fulfilment totally dependent upon them. As a result, you cannot live your life own your own terms. You can overcome it by not depending on them do what you love and do it a lot. Don’t think what people will think about you just do what you want to do.


  • Lack self-confidence: Self-confidence is indeed important for every person if you don’t have self-confidence you don’t have anything. Yes. Rejected person takes up a time to be self-confident enough again and things take time but nothing is impossible if you wish to do it you will definitely do it.


  • Stop comparing yourself to others: It’s high time; you should stop comparing yourself with others. Love the way you are, every person here is blessed with something or the other you need to just enhance yourself instead of comparing yourself with others. Yes, at times you might feel that person looks better than you or is good. You need not compare or crib about it instead improve yourself and make sure whatever you do, helps you and also not harm anyone else.


  • Make your own identity: Every person has got their own personality but the fact is that they don’t want it. Everybody here craves for attention but nobody wants to try anything. If you will depend upon others always you won’t be able to take care of your own. You need to understand that there are 90% of people who don’t want to see you on top of them and in order to which they won’t let that happen. To overcome this you need to just enhance yourself or improve yourself for the better. Create yourself make your own identity love oneself.


Fear of rejection can make or and even can break you into pieces, it’s just up to you how you handle it. Everybody does have flaws but they even try to improve them. Don’t be so afraid of something that it leads you to problems. Sit, think and only then make a decision. The right decision will make you a great person and once you become successful you would be able to overcome this fear as well.

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