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Fear: Your biggest hurdle in success

You must have heard people saying that ” I will not do this thing because I am not good at it”. People tend to form the opinion about any task by simply hearing what others are saying. Suppose you have heard that swimming could be dangerous. Then, you are more likely to avoid learning swimming simply because you have heard that it is dangerous. So many of us enable the wrong thoughts in our minds.

Have you heard of a magic trick in which magician asks you not to choose a particular color object in your mind but it so happens that you end up thinking the same thing? It is because our brain delivers what we ask for it. This is exactly how fear creeps into your head.

So, what is Fear? How is that one person can stand in front of 10,000 people and give a wonderful speech while other get afraid in front of 100 people? Suppose that you have to speak to a large audience and the opportunity has the potential to rocket your career. If you fear from speaking in front of people then it will only result in failure. You will end up blaming yourself for the failure.

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Everyone fears from something or someone

It natural to be afraid of something or someone and there is no shame in that. It’s in a human nature to be afraid of something. If you ask any successful person like Mark Zuckerberg, that whether they were not afraid. They will surely say that yes they were afraid that what makes them unique is the way they handled their fear. The main reason why they were able to handle fear is the positivity in their thoughts. So how do you revert to positive thinking and override the fears?

Fear: Your biggest hurdle in success

  1. No one cares

You have to remember one thing that no one cares in this world whether you fail or succeed. A big reason that fear can impact your performance and thus success is because we imagine what people are thinking. We always think that everyone is thinking about us, everyone is looking at me. But it is not true. Closely connected to the fear of what people think is the fear that you will make a fool of yourself. Do not do any job just to prove someone right or wrong. Do it because you want to do it.

  1. Positive assumptions

Assumptions can also affect the way we approach a given job. If we assume that mistakes are opportunities to learn, then we will go for it with all your heart. If you think that failure is dangerous and damages your reputation and success then you are likely to shy away from the opportunities that can risk failure.

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Fear: Your biggest hurdle in success

  1. Positive Focus

If you can have a stronger new direction to focus your attention on the fear will reduce and eventually dissipate. If you fear public speaking and focus on what you fear, that is what you will get. But, if you aim at what you are going to say them you are more likely to succeed.

Fear is allowed to impact our performance because we’ve learned to trust fear. Fear can be useful in some cases but when given too much importance then it can be the biggest enemy of your life.




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