Five unique festivals you must see during September!

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September has some of the biggest religious festivals coming up. So gear yourself for the full swing festival season! Here are five festivals you must see during September.


  • Ramnagar Ramlila


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Ramlila is a dramatic presentation of the whole life of Lord Rama, which starts from the history of Rama of his young age and ends up with the battle for 10 days between the Lord Ram and Ravan. According to the great Hindu epic Ramayana, Ram Leela is an old religious and cultural tradition that plays on stage every year for the 10 successive nights. A big fair is held during this period so that everyone may enjoy fair and Ram Lila drama.

When- September 5-October 6,2017


  • Payippad Snake Boat Race


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Every year, the Payippad River in Alappuzha bears witness to a resplendent water carnival- the Payippad Boat Race. This water regatta is held to celebrate a legend related to the installation of the idol at the Subramanya Swamy Temple, Haripad.

The legend has it that the village folk once had a vision directing them to a whirlpool in Kayamkulam Lake where they discovered an idol of Lord Subramanya. The boat race is held every year to commemorate this.