Five Reasons Why You Should Be Proud Being Single!


In this world of social media, where we can see everything that is going on in people’s lives, seeing cute couple posts are bound to make us feel lonely. In today’s generation when it is considered as crime to be single, here are five reasons why you should be proud about being single.

1. No settlement!

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You are not ready to settle for any boy/girl around you. You have high standards and expectations from your partner.  A partner that will sweep you off the floor, the one whose smile will take your breath away and the one who will embrace you in a hug when you had a bad day at work. These qualities are tough to find and it is okay to wait for him/her.


2. Your career is your first priority

When you reach a particular age, you will find different kinds of people but most of them are getting married, or having babies even; which is fine as starting a family is their priority. But you are focused on building your career and do not have the time for a relationship which is perfectly fine too.


3. You’re still getting to know yourself


Often in a relationship, ‘I’ changes to ‘we’. You have to look for things which is interests both of you. It is easy to lose yourself amidst this. After your relationship ends it sometimes becomes difficult for you to figure out who you were before ‘I’ became ‘we’. So take your time, learn how to love yourself first before yo love someone else.