Importance of Flower Decorations in Indian weddings

Flower Decoration in Indian Weddings

An Indian wedding is incomplete without flowers. In our culture, flowers play a significant role in every event. From centrepieces to the mandap (altar), you will find blooming flowers everywhere. On a broader perspective, flowers symbolise wealth, prosperity and happiness. Hence, beautiful flower arrangements are of a lot of importance in Indian weddings.

You must have noticed that in weddings, not all kinds of flowers are used. They are selected meaningfully. How you wondered what these flowers signify?


Flower Decoration in Indian Weddings marigold

Marigolds, mostly bright yellow and orange, are traditionally offered to lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi. Hence their decorations at the weddings, symbolise auspicious blessings. They also symbolise the sun and are therefore used at the entrance and the holy mandap to create an atmosphere of positivism and radiance.


Flower Decoration in Indian Weddings Jasmine

Jasmine decorations are of utmost importance in South Indian weddings. Their importance is such that the bride also wears these flowers on her hair. Their divine fragrance adds sweetness to the surroundings. Jasmines represent purity and grace. Hence they are used in decorating the sacred area of the wedding venue.


Flower Decoration in Indian Weddings Lilles

Lilies are used to symbolise trust and are used in several other cultures to celebrate the beginning of new relationships. White lilies are the most popular ones in Indian weddings as decorating the wedding space with them adds immense beauty to the surroundings.