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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: The great war is Here

Are you a diehard fan of Game of Thrones? Then you must be waiting for the 7th season of the fabulous TV series. Some of the fans also consider Game of Thrones as one of the best TV series ever to be built. Well, that can be argued but one thing is for sure that this can be certainly one of the best in its own genre. But, wait for those who have not watched Game of Thrones till now, they have missed one of the great TV series. But, there is still time in which you can watch the first 6 seasons of the series.

There was a time when people were crazy about Game of Thrones, they still are. It felt like the world was divided into two parts- one those who have watched GOT and the other who do not. Game of Thrones is not just a regular TV series, it’s an act of war, a family drama (not sure if you can watch it with family through). You can judge about the TV series from the fact that even Barack Obama told that this TV series taught him more about politics than any textbook. Let’s see some of the cool facts from Game of thrones.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

This show is about a struggle between different family generation to rule the kingdom. The ultimate prize if the Iron Throne which gives the King or Queen a power to rule all 7 kingdoms. This TV series is a mix of supernatural powers, dragons, the old fashioned fight between two tribes and massive political drama.


You must be familiar with Daenerys, who is impervious to fire. She was born with the ability to ride dragons and was gifted at birth with dragon’s eggs that would eventually hatch. Daenerys rode the dragons to save slaves. In the previous season who must have seen that after ending the slavery, she along with her troops decide to get back what she thinks is hers, the Iron Throne. So, she rides along with her troops to the other side of the river to concur the 7 kingdoms.

Game of Thrones


Lannisters, the current ruler of the 7 kingdoms. They are rich and powerful and very cunning. They mostly colluded with forces outside Westeros to keep their power by any means. There are Jaime and Cerci (the current queen and ruler of 7 kingdoms), twins whose lifelong affair has produced three children who are all dead. In this upcoming season, they would be fighting for survival as the war is coming and that too from all direction.

Game of Thrones




In every TV series, there is one character that is loved by everyone and this is the one in GOT. Starks is a family who chilled in their own segregated neighborhood. Ned Stark was the father and had five kids and one Bastard (John Snow). Ned let him homeboy connive him to take the job as the right hand of the king and this where it all began to go wrong for Starks. He let his daughter get married to a King’s son. Ned fell for the trap set up by Lannister and was later executed by the king, Joffrey.

Game of Thrones

In the previous season you must have seen John Snow and Sansa Stark teaming up together to get back what they think belongs to their family- the Iron throne (and also to take the revenge of murder of their family member). On the other hand, Arya Stark also decides to take the revenge of her father’s death.

White Walkers

And here come the bad guys. They are blue-eyed white devils who kill and destroy everything in their path. The only thing that could stop them is Stark Kids. This season will reveal more about the White Walkers.

Game of Thrones


If you are a GOT fans, then it’s time that you get ready for some action as “The great war is Here”.

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