It is a very old belief that all girls love to shop for clothes and shoes and jewelry. But, let’s just face the facts! There are many of us who hate going out to buy clothes. In fact, for some people, shopping can be stressful. With all the variety, and colors and then the prices, some of us just hate the thought of even looking for clothes!

But then what to do? We have to wear something, don’t we? So here are some simple tips for people who hate shopping:


This one is kind of obvious. If you do not like being around people when buying stuff then just find those things online. No one will be looking and you won’t feel like the sales people are judging you! However, it is always good to do your research. If you are shopping for branded clothes online, then check the size chart. If you have bought stuff previously from that brans, then it should be easy.


Going alone for shopping lifts so much pressure from your shoulders. You do not have to worry about the opinion of others. Trust me, you will be at ease. And if you must take someone, opt for someone who is not a shopaholic because if you go with someone who loves to shop, then you won’t be coming home before 5 hours!


To avoid roaming around for hours and coming home only to realise that you forgot to buy something, just make a list. Add all the things you need to purchase so that your shopping trip can be short and quick. If you are looking for clothes, have in mind the kindof clothes you want to buy. Talk to the store people. Tell them exactly what you want. If they have it, then they will assist you and if they don’t, you won’t waste any more time looking for them!

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